Dancing 'Round The Handbags

Dancing Round the Handbags® is a more than a self-development book for hard-working women. It is a catalyst for balancing the way we work and live. Using the metaphor of the 'handbag' and the 'dance', it supports you to create clarity about dancing to your own tunes whilst maintaining balance between work and life. The Dance is a metaphor for what women do each day; dance to the tunes of others. The multiple roles of mother, wife, boss, friend, daughter, lover, cook, and colleague, means that a woman sometimes dances to too many tunes all at once, resulting in little time to explore her own music. The handbag in this book is a metaphor for being a woman and each item in the handbag represents a different facet of who she is. In this life-changing book, Lynne stops the music for a while, removes you from the dancefloor of life, opens up the handbag that is you, and encourages you to explore your potential and balance. By the end you will have de-cluttered, re-packed and renewed the handbag that is you, and be ready to step back onto the dancefloor of life to at last dance to your own music.
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Lynne Copp’s ‘Dancing Round the Handbags’ book is a fantastic resource for women. It is packed full of amazing tools, exercises and wisdom that will help women all over the world to reach their potential as well as create balance between their work and life. I have known Lynne for many years and I know her passion for creating worklife balance, in our workplaces and communities. She cares deeply about helping people to create this balance, and also become the best they can as a result. This book is a gift of her generosity, expertise and insights, and if fully engaged in its metaphor, every reader will be compelled to make changes that will positively impact her life and the lives of others. Therefore I highly recommend that every woman who wants to change their life forever, read it, engage in its metaphors and make their life dance!

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