CSA Cases Workbook for the MRCGP


This is a unique resource for trainee GPs written by three GPs who recently passed the CSA having put together these cases as part of their preparation for the exam.

Designed to be used by GP revision groups, the ring-bound pack provides 64 cases structured around the RCGP curriculum statement areas. The book is designed to allow each member of the revision group to act as ‘doctor’, ‘patient’ or ‘observer’ and to take out just the pages they need ahead of the next revision session – this makes the practice consultations as exam-like as possible. Each case features:

    information for the doctor – this page provides the doctor with a brief summary of their patient

    information for the patient – this page provides all the background information (including ICE, information divulged freely and information only divulged if specifically asked about) to allow the person in your group to ‘act’ as the patient; on the back of this page are any results and examination findings that you can provide to the doctor if they ask for it appropriately

    marking scheme for the observer – this page provides the observer in your group with a simple checklist of positive and negative descriptors in each of the three domains (data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal)

To help further with revision, each curriculum area is split up into:

    possible cases – lists the cases most likely to come up in the CSA (including emergency and ‘special’ cases, where there may be an ethical dilemma, an angry patient or scenario which focuses more on consultation skills than clinical content)

    revision notes – these provide the key NICE and SIGN guidelines, along with other helpful references and websites, that the whole group can read ahead of a revision session on that curriculum area

    material for the patient – a list of resources that you could usefully guide the patient towards in the consultation

    practice explanations – topics, tests and procedures that you should be able to describe to the patient in a couple of minutes

    practice examinations – procedures you should be able to undertake confidently

Your revision group needs just a single copy of CSA Cases Workbook rather than multiple copies of any other book, and no photocopying needed either!

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