An Evolving Paradigm

Integrative Perspectives on Organizational Development, Change, Strategic Management, and Ethics

by Buono, Anthony F.

An Evolving Paradigm: An Evolving Paradigm: Integrative Perspectives on Orgainizational Design, Change, Strategic Management, and Ethics—was prepared specifically for Benedictine University’s doctoral program in organization development (OD). In addressing the myriad strategic considerations that underlie intervening in organizations, questions of posturing, image management, and ethics raise significant challenges for how we think about our role as change agents and the unique set of responsibilities that we assume in that role. An earlier volume in the Research in Management Consulting series, -- Emerging Trends in Management Consulting -- focused on the Janus-faced nature of management consulting. Janus, the Roman god of doorways and gateways, looking backwards and forwards with contrasting perspectives—beginnings and endings, comedy and tragedy, good and evil — is a useful analogy to capture the multidimensional nature—positive and negative—of the consulting realm. For all the challenges and shortcomings the field of OD and change might encompass, there are also those magical moments when our interventions succeed, when our efforts truly enhance organizational performance, and when organizational members grow, develop, and become more satisfied with their roles and activities. The reality is that the latter demands our conscious attention, commitment, and, to some degree, sacrifice. When we are less thoughtful than we should be, when we are distracted by other commitments and obligations, or when we find ourselves in situations where we are less than prepared is when Janus’ other face materializes. The volume explores the possibilities and challenges inherent in OD intervention and change initiatives.
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