Aggie and the Ice Floe


Aggie and the Ice Floe is a children's picture book, suitable for reading alone, or for parents who wish to read to their children. It is a beautifully illustrated adventure story about a boy, Aggie, whose sleepy world is woken up to a first fall of snow. When he rushes outside to play, Aggie doesn't expect quite the adventure the snow has brought with it, and the friendship he will form with Brandon, a balloonist, who rescues him when he gets into difficulty playing on a frozen river.


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Review by Lucy Lowe

A perfect gift for the child who loves to read. Both a beautifully illustrated and an exceptionally well-crafted adventure story, full of possibilities for a young imagination. A friend recommended this book and I bought a copy for my niece and have no regrets. I’ve never posted a review but feel strongly that this book deserves, if it has not already achieved, recognition and attention. Aggie and the Ice Floe is a stimulating, comforting and wise book. A book to show the young reader that, during life’s more difficult moments and challenges, unexpected transformations can occur to change things for the better; to show that life keeps flowing on, and that hope, courage and optimism do help. It creates a supportive place for children to start exploring deeper issues of home and the wider world in their own way and at a gentle pace. My niece loves reading Aggie and the Ice Floe (again and again) and the lovely illustrations have made a real impression on her. This book is a credit to both the author and the illustrator. My only criticism is that I cannot seem to find any other stories by Power McTeal as my niece has asked me more than once for another book and in particular for further tales of Aggie’s adventures.

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  • Pub date: July 2014
  • English
  • 9781902086071
  • United Kingdom
  • Paperback
  • Primary Price: 6.99 GBP
  • Pages: 34
  • CentreHouse Press
  • Readership: Children
  • Publish State: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Copyright Information:

    Copyright (c) 2014 Power McTeal, Dawn Hunter.

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 inches
  • Illustration: Colour