Age of Kill


One sniper. Six targets. Six hours. Or London burns. ""I want you to kill for me. Six people; on the hour, every hour. Miss a deadline, people will die. Call the police, people will die. Any deviation or delay, people will die."" Disgraced MI6 sniper Sam Blake initially dismisses the call as a hoax until the first shot in a random killing spree is fired. Sam is plunged into a desperate cat and mouse chase across London. With the clock ticking and the odds stacked against him he becomes an unwilling assassin, forced to kill in order to protect not just hundreds of innocent civilians, but his own daughter, who has been kidnapped by the psychotic terrorist who calls himself Jericho. As the police and security services close in, Sam must unravel the conspiracy, unmask his nemesis, and save the one person in the world he truly loves."

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Author Biography

Simon Cluett was born in June 1970. A short story of his was read out during a primary school assembly and it left him with a dream of one day becoming a professional writer. His lifelong passion for films led him in the direction of scriptwriting. After negotiating twenty years of apathy, rejection and several close but no cigar moments the idea for Age of Kill took shape. His second script with Richwater Films is Bonded By Blood 2, a true crime story about ego, greed and betrayal. Simon lives in Essex with his wife Lisa and their children, Ben and Emily.

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