Absence of Mind


It's 2034, and society is dominated by technology and almost bankrupt of direct human contact. Phoebe Bernhart is a nurse in the "neuro ward" at Grady Hospital in Atlanta when her youngest brother becomes one of the first victims of what is soon dubbed Hyper-Aggression Disorder.


When Phoebe suspects a technological cause, her strange, beautiful, antisocial new acquaintance, Mila Bremer, a software engineer, agrees to help. Mila may be part of the cure… or she may be the cause… or maybe she'll prove to be indifferent to the fates of thousands of people, including Phoebe's brother.

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Availabile in hardcover, trade paperback, ePub, and Kindle editions.

Author Biography

H.C.H. Ritz has a degree in theatre from the University of Houston and directs community theatre in her spare time. Originally from rural Mississippi, she has lived in Houston, Texas long enough to have turned into a city person. She is married to a wonderful human being and has a young son and a tortoiseshell kitty named Roxy Underfoot.

Bibliographic Information
  • Pub date: May 2015
  • English
  • 9781938821790
  • Paperback
  • Grey Gecko Press
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 inches