A City by the Sea

and other Fairy Tales

by Martha Cinader


True to the tradition of fairy tales, this collection of stories is humorous and dramatic. Each one contains a valuable message for young readers in modern times. Written over a period of about a decade, these short stories were developed in performance while raising my young daughter.


  • A City by the Sea 
  • Orimar's Flying Machine 
  • The Man with Golden Hands 
  • Crystal Clear Waters
  • The Fat Lady and the Cuckoo Bird 
  • The Boy with the Huge Behind 
  • The Truth as She Knew It 

A City by the Sea is an un-published collection of fairy tales, about 13,400 words, 48 6"x9" pages, available for publication as a volume, or as separate titles for an illustrated children's book or series of books. They would also be suitable for adaptation for TV or film.



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Author Biography

Martha Cinader is a published writer and recording artist. She is seeking representation or to work directly with a publisher to see her fairy tales in print.


Martha was the creator of the long running performance series Listen & Be Heard in New York City, that spawned an award winning arts weekly and poetry cafe by the same name when she moved to the bay area of California. She continues to be the host and publisher of listenandbeheard.net.


Currently living in Greenville SC, with her husband and three sons, she blogs on her author site about being a virgin homesteader, among other things. Her forthcoming novel, Marvelina, is a fairytale for grown women.

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  • Pages: 46
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished
  • Page size: 6x9 (6x9) inches