By Her Side

Eating Disorders and the Joy of Recovery for Young Women

by Schone, Deborah P. - Evans, Shelby L.

"I wish someone would make me stop!" Kristin Haroldsen, a beautiful, talented, and charming girl of sixteen struggled with bulimia until, tragically, her eating disorder took her life. Using actual journal entries, Deborah Schone, Kristin’s best friend, re-creates her story and shares how Kristin’s eating disorder changed the lives of her friends, her family, and thousands of people since that tragic day more than twenty-five years ago.  For those who also find themselves by the side of a loved one struggling with an eating disorder, but are at a loss as to what to do, what to say, or where to turn for help, By Her Side offers a powerful, motivating resource.  With an intimate portrait of the impact of eating disorders on all those around the victim, By Her Side explores the reality of eating disorders and the damage and devastation that can come if they go untreated. Family members and friends affected by the loss of a loved one share their personal and intimate accounts of losing someone at an early age as a result of eating disorder behaviors. Kristin’s story is supported by educational information from Shelby Evans, a certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor, allowing the reader to gain insight and answers as well as access to resources for those seeking help. By Her Side also offers hope found in the inspiring story of a nurse who overcame her eating disorder and moved on to live a successful and happy life.
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"By Her Side addresses a commonly ignored topic that is plaguing our society today. This book illustrates the impact eating disorders can have on individuals and families, as well as the hope and encouragement that recovery is within reach." —Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author "Eating disorders are a complicated and devastating form of disease that desperately need attention within the realm of mental health treatment. With continued education and increased awareness, there is hope that the necessary treatments can be found for those in need. The information and education in By Her Side can prove to be helpful to those seeking answers, help, and hope." —Stacy Nearhood, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) "The personal story and education in this book provide much needed awareness and knowledge to a society where eating disorders and disordered eating are rampant. Bringing to light the struggle individuals with an eating disorder go through is one of the first steps in the fight against eating disorders." —Torey Richards MS, RD "Eating Disorders can so easily consume the lives of young girls and even boys. It is critical that we educate and speak out on the damages that can occur from these diseases and how we can be more aware. I firmly believe the more we talk about these issues and provide support and understanding, we can save lives." —Iann Johnson, RN "This book provides MUCH needed insights into some of the emotional aspects that can lead to eating disorder related behavior as well as other addictions. I appreciate the attempt to create an awareness in society that we need to break down the facades of 'perfection' and support one another through the natural ups and downs of life's emotions." —Kim S. Muir, Advocate for Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention, "While eating disorders take some of our loved ones away, there are many who find full recovery and live. This beautifully written book explores both of these pathways: grief and then healing from tragedy and the joy of full recovery from illness." —Michael E. Berrett, PhD, Psychologist, CEO and Co-founder of Center for Change, Co-author of Spiritual Approaches in the Treatment of Women with Eating Disorders

Author Biography

Deborah P. Schone is one of eight children and has experienced the pain that is brought on through the chains of addiction. Through rearing her own eight children, two of whom are adopted, she has opened her heart and home to many who have struggled through life-altering choices. She and her family currently reside in St. George, Utah. - Shelby L. Evans is a Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor who has always taken an interest in helping others. Originally from Washington State, she completed her undergraduate studies at Western Washington University in psychology and communication. She later went on to complete the certification program for substance abuse counseling at the University of Utah. Her perspective is based on professional experience in the field of mental illness. Over a ten year period, Shelby worked in a therapeutic treatment center for women who struggle with eating disorders and other addictions. She has experience providing both individual and group counseling for those with concurrent eating disorders and substance use disorders. She understands first-hand the heartache and hopelessness that comes with watching a loved one trapped in the cycle of addiction. She has a desire to offer hope and healing to those impacted by these disorders. Shelby enjoys traveling, golfing, yoga, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah with her husband and daughter. -

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