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    • Mr. Spider’s Funeral

      by LI Shanshan, Illustrated by MAO Weiwei

      On a nice day of summer, Mr Spider dida stupid thing. He sent black invitations to his friends, asking them to attend his funeral on time. The friends all shocked, cried and hurried to Mr. Spider's house. However, Mr Spider stood in front of the door, welcoming his friends. He held the funeral fro himself simply because he did not know he would experience a new life. So, the rehearsal started, everyone began to say their last word to Mr Spider. Friends were too sad that the situation could not be controlled. Mr Spider had no choice but declare that he was not dead. Friends stopped crying and began to laugh. Mr. Spider realized that he was cherished by everyone. After his moult, Mr. Spider sent red invtations to his friends . Please attend my wedding, the invitation wrote. The sorrow turns to happiness, life also has a new change. The story wants to tell little readers the meaning of life, letting them know the truth of life and face the death correctly and bravely. After reading, the readers will become more optimistic, not fear of difficulties in life and grow up happily.

    • Chinese Fairy Tales

      by Zhou Rui and others

      Chinese Fairy Stories Picture Books is a series of picture books with Chinese national characteristics, a precious scroll of classic version Chinese fairy stories. All these are elaborately designed for kids from 6 to 9 years old (Primary Grades) by Shanghai Educational Publishing House, illustrated by famous artists and written by Chinese fairy tales masters. The most famous specialist teachers have been invited to recite and to give the interpretation, which made it adorable and popular among children and their parents. As a classic selection of Chinese traditional children’s stories, the series is especially suitable for teaching activities in lower grades of primary schools. The series is not only an attempt of traditional stories into picture books, but also a meaningful exploration into facilitating-teaching picture books.

    • Psychology

      Resource Activating Coaching

      A Guide for Coaches, Counsellors, and Trainers

      by Miriam Deubner-Böhme, Uta Deppe-Schmitz

      This title offers coaches, counsellors, and trainers a variety of strategies that will allow them to enable their clients to find and use their resources, incorporate them into the coaching process, and use them to effect change.To use the full range of benefits resource activation brings along, this title shows a variety of methods to identify and work with clients’ resources. It contains exercises to break through entrenched patterns, enhance the mood, and pause. It enables clients to consciously make decisions and make optimal use of their existing resource potential and to use it in challenging situations. One chapter is also dedicated to the use of resource activating exercises in group settings.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by E Heuvelink

      This new edition of a successful, practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the production of the tomato crop, within the context of the global tomato industry. Tomatoes are one of the most important horticultural crops in both temperate and tropical regions and this book explores our current knowledge of the scientific principles underlying their biology and production.Tomatoes 2nd Edition covers genetics and breeding, developmental processes, crop growth and yield, fruit ripening and quality, irrigation and fertilisation, crop protection, production in the open field, greenhouse production, and postharvest biology and handling. It has been updated to:- reflect advances in the field, such as developments in molecular plant breeding, crop and product physiology, and production systems.- include a new chapter on organic tomato production.- present photos in full colour throughout.Authored by an international team of experts, this book is essential for growers, extension workers, industry personnel, and horticulture students and lecturers.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by G Creasy, L Creasy

      Fully revised with new content and full-colour figures throughout, the second edition of this successful book contains expanded content for all sections, particularly those covering the impact of climate change, seasonal management, mechanisation and organic management options. There is a new vine balance section, as well as significant updates to rootstocks and grafting. It includes information on wine grapes in addition to grapes for fresh consumption and raisin production.Covering a broad range of topics from grapevine growth and fruit development, to vineyard establishment, mechanisation and postharvest processing, this book provides historical and current information about the grape industry and sets out the theory and science behind production practices. It is an invaluable resource for grape producers, horticulture and plant science students, as well as enthusiasts of the vine and its products.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by J Retamales, J Hancock

      Blueberry cultivation has increased dramatically as production has shifted into new regions. Blueberries are now widely available as food and also processed to be used in medicine and pharmaceuticals for their antioxidant properties. This new and updated edition covers the major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers including botany, physiology, nutrition, growth regulation, photosynthesis, environment, weeds, pests, diseases and postharvest management. The main focus is on the most important cultivated species, the highbush blueberry, although information on other blueberries and related species is also provided. It is an essential resource for soft fruit researchers, extension workers, academics, breeders, growers, and students.

    • Literary Fiction

      A Year in Kronoberg

      by Geoff Bunn

      This is a story about snow. A story about winter and even more snow. But this is also a story about ice cream and sunshine too. This is a story about a gate, helpful neighbours, an angry squirrel and a drunken moose. This is a story about a country in Europe that many people never visit. This is a story about Sweden. And it is the story of two Brits who moved to Sweden and found a new home there. A Year in Kronoberg is a light-hearted account of two people learning to navigate the idiosyncrasies of Swedish culture, landscape and climate.

    • June 2018

      Te doy mi palabra

      1000 idiomatic Expressions

      by PONS

      For returning and advanced learners (A2 – C1) 1,000 common phrases and sayings - from upscale to colloquial, from decorous to vulgar Every phrase is explained and translated Loads of examples illustrate correct usage Informative and entertaining: Get to know the language spoken on the street, on the internet or in films Also available in English, French and Italian

    • June 2018

      Super Basics at a glance - English

      The most important vocabulary in Pictures

      by PONS

      For visual learners Compact overview on 6 A4 folding pages Learner friendly: lots of pictures to memorize the words better Vocabulary with phonetic transcription on 6 different topics Short dialogues for communication on the go Quick overview for school, at home and on the go Punched and made of sturdy and erasable material Available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish

    • September 2018

      Standard dictionary


      by PONS

      For beginners 40,000 headwords and phrases on more than 1,000 pages For German-speaking Arabic learners and Arabic-speaking German learners Detailed phonetic transcription for German and Arabic keywords and all Arabic translations Vowel signs in all Arabic words for better reading and understanding Takes into account the original direction of Arabic from right to left The right dictionary for language learners as a supplement to the language course With online dictionary

    • Medicine
      June 2018

      One Welfare

      A Framework to Improve Animal Welfare and Human Well-being

      by Rebeca García Pinillos

      Contemporary and thought-provoking, this book provides a definition of the concept of One Welfare: the interconnection between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. The book establishes a conceptual framework, in five sections, resulting from a three month global consultation on a draft proposal comprising nine areas. The book contains: - A one welfare approach which complements and extends the existing one health approach - A range of prestigious contributions from key opinion leaders in the field of animal welfare which help to define the framework - A platform for the development of more collaborative and integrated animal welfare standards and policies One Welfare complements the One Health and Eco Health approaches, enabling full integration of animal welfare within other disciplines; a much needed tool to help improve animal welfare, human wellbeing and environmental components and support worldwide sustainable development goals. Integrating this concept into existing projects could help to foster collaboration to improve human and animal welfare globally. This text is of interest to those working in the fields of animal and human welfare, sustainability and conservation, international development and to all those keen to extend the one health approach to animal welfare and human wellbeing.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2018

      Tourism and Animal Welfare

      by Neil Carr, Donald M Broom

      "This text is long overdue and timely. Carr and Broom have placed the issues firmly in the broader context of the relationship between our species and the others which share this planet with us...As they argue it is possible for tourists and the travel and tourism sector to take and exercise responsibility to drive change, Carr and Broom's text helps us to understand the issues and the context and to make better-informed choices." Harold Goodwin Responsible Tourism Partnership Animals are among the most sought after tourist attractions and the impact on them is a matter of concern to an increasing number of people. Tourism and Animal Welfare uniquely addresses the issue of animal welfare within the tourism experience. It explores important foundations such as the meaning of 'animal welfare' and its relation to ethics, animal rights and human obligations to animals. It also explores the nature and diversity of the position and role of animals within tourism. 'Tales from the front line' is the section of the book that provides the reader with the views and experiences of animal welfare organisations, individual leaders, tourism industry organisations and operators, and academic experts. These case studies and opinion pieces will encourage the reader to consider their own position regarding animals in tourism and their welfare. The book: · is written by an authoritative author team that draws from the fields of tourism studies (Neil Carr) and animal welfare science (Donald Broom); · contains 14 case studies written by internationally recognised experts and iconic individuals in the field of animal welfare; · is written in an engaging style and features full colour illustrations. From students and academics to vets and those working within the tourism industry, this book will provide an engaging and thought-provoking read. It will also appeal to those with an interest in animal welfare, particularly in relation to the tourism industry.

    • Medicine
      May 2018

      Bovine Pathology

      A Text and Color Atlas

      by Claus D. Buergelt, Edward G. Clark, Fabio Del Piero

      Illustrated with over 1000 color images of the highest quality, Bovine Pathology: A Text and Color Atlas is a comprehensive single resource to identifying diseases in dairy cattle, feedlot cattle, and their calves. With summary text describing key features, the book correlates clinical information with pathology and differential diagnoses. The text covers naked-eye macroscopic appearance, through to microscopic pathology, and the immunohistochemistry of infectious agents and tumor markers. Structured by major organ system, the disease entries follow a consistent format and clarity of display. This, combined with an integrated E-book, handy fact sheets, summary boxes and key points, helps aid understanding. Key features include: - Over 1000 superb color images to illustrate the pathologies - A thorough review of mainly western hemisphere diseases of cattle covering macroscopic appearance, microscopic appearance, and immunohistochemistry - Synoptic layout, fact sheets, summary boxes, succinct legends and key bullet points supports its use as a field guide or revision aid - Organised by major organ system which ensures that vital facts can be found quickly - A unique chapter covering calf-hood diseases Serving as an essential reference work for veterinary pathologists who perform bovine necropsies, veterinary residents and students, the book is also practical enough for bovine practitioners who need to investigate sudden death losses of cattle on the farm.

    • Medicine
      April 2018

      Bovine Tuberculosis

      by A. Arunachalam, H.A. Bahamonde, L. Borrelli, S. Briggs, G. Caballé, C. Carrasco, S.X. Chang, B. Coleman, C. Concha, S.K. Dhyani, F. Dube, C. Dupraz, M.E. Fernández, C. Figueroa, V. Gargaglione, H.E. Garrett, M.A. Gold, Andrew M Gordon, J. Gyenge, A.K. Handa, N.E. Hansen, M.F. Hawke, S. Jose, P.D. Kemp, R.L. Knowles, B.M. Kumar, N. Lamersdorf, G.J. Lawson, M.V. Lencinas, C.E. Lloyd, G. Martínez Pastur, R. Moore, B. Müller-Using, P. Neira, S.M. Newman, S. Ormaechea, V.P. Papanastasis, X. Peng, P.L. Peri, D.J. Pilbeam, R. Reid, A. Rosati, J. Ruiz-Mirazo, V. Rusch, M. Sarasola, J.M. Schwenke, V. Schwenke, R. Soler, N.B. Stolpe, L.E. Tejera, N.V. Thevathasan, A.R. von Müller, W. Wang, T. Ward, Y. Wu, L. Zabek, E. Zagal, Z. Zhu, Mark Chambers, Stephen Gordon, Francisco Olea-Popelka, Paul Barrow

      This book is contemporary, topical and global in its approach, and provides an essential, comprehensive treatise on bovine tuberculosis and the bacterium that causes it, Mycobacterium bovis. Bovine tuberculosis remains a major cause of economic loss in cattle industries worldwide, exacerbated in some countries by the presence of a substantial wildlife reservoir. It is a major zoonosis, causing human infection through consumption of unpasteurised milk or by close contact with infected animals. Following a systematic approach, expert international authors cover epidemiology and the global situation; microbial virulence and pathogenesis; host responses to the pathogen; and diagnosis and control of the disease. Aimed at researchers and practising veterinarians, this book is essential for those needing comprehensive information on the pathogen and disease, and offers a summary of key information learned from human tuberculosis research. It will be useful to those studying the infection and for those responsible for controlling the disease.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      Blond Boy; Red Lipstick

      by Geoff Bunn

      This is a love story, deliberately pitched at a mainstream audience and at a level far removed from the dark and often sordid world of transsexual prostitution on Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The idea is to subtly lead the reader into this setting and give them an insight into the life of a transsexual. In this first book, we meet the Narrator and Alley – a vivacious young boy with bleach blonde hair and red lipstick. The two begin a gentle romance. Issues such as homophobia are only touched upon, rather than explored fully. By the time readers finish the book, they will know the characters, be interested in them, and they will have some empathy towards and a little more understanding of transsexuals. Blond Boy; Red Lipstick is the first of two, where the sequel, already planned out, will be a darker story (albeit with a happy ending).

    • The Arts
      August 2016

      recognition of ancient architecture

      by LI JINLONG

      This is wrriten for architect and designer of video, arena,game and AD, when it is interesting to those who is fascinated by architecture.Based on the image of building,focusing on the difference generating in history,the book reviews the original look of ancient includes contrasting the advantages and flaws of function ,material,structure and branch,except which is concerned of image evolution. Because there are so much differences between chinese and foreign building, the author analyses the rule and diversity of Chinese ancient architecture by deconstructing , while describes the original look by division of history into periods.

    • August 2018

      Children of Tianhu

      by Yan Lianke

      Children of Tianhu is a non-fiction of Chinese writer Yan Lianke, the winner of Franz Kafka Prize. It’s about his emotions about the hometown and the growth. The storyline is the youth’s memories in hometown, it tells some important memories about the village Tianhu, the intimate neighborhood, meeting the girl Na, escaping to Longmen, etc. Yan says, the romance in the world, is nothing more than the memories of the childhood. The solid memory is the place called hometown. Children of Tianhu is a romantic and solid work, including the youth’s poor life in the village, the innocence and honesty, the thrill, the insecurity and the loneliness about exploring the world. Those fragments, those clear memories, the incredible age, the puppy’s love, the honesty between people, the kindness born from birth, the escape and the betrayal, those have deposited, becoming more striking, more deep and simple, and touching. The geography and the change of a village, the daily life of the villagers, the people and story remain in the brain, those exists and experiences never disappear along the life, they are the inspiration of the writer. Between the lines, it shows the wonder and the humor of the writing, and the writer’s strong emotions and concern about the hometown.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Animals in Notes

      by Lu Chunxiang

      The author of this book wishes people to conduct the principles of equality with all kinds of beings by treating animals very well and having very deep love for life. He wrote this book on the topics of animals of which some were as big as elephants and some as small as bees and of which they could be summed up into fifty sorts and more, including birds and beasts. All the contents came widely from every field. But most of them were from the historical notes beginning in Han Dynasty up till Qing Dynasty, as from, for instance, Characters of Living Creatures written by Feng Menglong, Farming Record in South Village by Tao Zhengyi, Study in Mountains . Feather Collection by Peng Dayi, etc.The book is in lucid and lively style to make it interesting and significant.

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