• Fiction

      La Forastera

      by Olga Merino

      A contemporary western set in the rugged, unforgiving territory ofrural Spain. A thrilling story about human resilience. For the locals, Angie is the village crazy lady. She lives isolated and alone in the country, surrounded by ghosts who torment her with childhood memories of a poor working-class neighbourhood in Barcelona and a passionate love affair in her youth with an artist from London. One morning, Angie discovers the lifeless body of the local landowner hanging from the branch of a walnut tree. This news endangers her own land and the future of the entire village. In her struggle to keep what’s hers, Angie uncovers a series of secrets deeply buried in that land. This leads to a liberating realisation: once you lose everything, they can’t take anything away from you. And then you’re invincible.

    • Fiction
      November 2019


      by Francisco Narla

      A historical adventure, well based and documented, thrilling and coming from a well known author. A portrait of those battles between muslims and christians that changed Europe for ever. BIC; FV – FJH BISAC; FIC014000

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 2019

      Breve historia de la vida cotidiana de la Grecia clásica

      by Gonzalo Ollero de Landáburu

      Discover life and culture in the brilliant Greece during its classical period; its fragmented political system, and the rights of citizens, education, arts and leisure, housing and urbanism, ceremonies and mythology, travel, food, and the military world. A rigorous and didactic tour thorugh wisdom, customs, and traditions from the cradle of Western civilisation. Greece is the land of gods and heroes, Kings and Princes, and the birthplace of one of the most brilliant civilizations in antiquity. But what do we know of their daily chores? What were they engaged in? Where were they living? How did they enjoy themselves? How did gods influence upon citizens? In Brief history of everyday life in Ancient Greece, the reader will be able to learn other aspects that appear as important as wars and battles but which are often unnoticed, or not taken into account, since all the limelight usually focuses on the political and military events.

    • Other graphic art forms
      May 2008

      My First 80,000 Words

      by 333 illustrators

      333 of the most prestigious illustrators and graphic artists from different countries are participating in this singular project. Each was asked to choose a single word, one they considered as their favourite, and do the illustration for it.

    • Humour
      June 2020

      SEXO MAL


    • Theory of Art

      Saber sentir la pintura

      by Julián Irujo-Andueza

      La sociedad recela del arte contemporáneo y frecuentemente considera al artista como creador de obras herméticas que requieren una interpretación inaccesible. Este libro pretende ser una guía para comprender y disfrutar de las obras pictóricas.

    • Political / legal thriller
      March 2018

      Death by Harmony

      by Leon Berger

      Tense, authentic, compelling - a tumultuous 24 hours in Beijing, as witnessed by those involved. Each year, howling winds from the Gobi send desert grit swirling into Beijing which then mixes with the existing pollution, causing fluorescent yellow skies and a toxic, throat-burning smog. On one such day in March, youthful activists decide to gather in Tiananmen Square right outside the Great Hall of the People where the National Congress is in session. They are understandably fearful of what can happen to protesters in China but none could have predicted the unthinkable scenario and far-reaching climax which takes place during that single 24 hour period.

    • Fiction

      A Pair of Sharp Eyes

      by Kat Armstrong

      In a brutal slave port, a servant girl uncovers secrets. But does she understand the danger she is in? Coronation hears of the murders before she even reaches the slave port of Bristol – six boys found with their throats slit. The locals blame the killings on Red John, a travelling-man few have actually seen. Coronation yearns to know more about the mystery. But first she has to outsmart the bawds, thieves and rakes who prey on young girls like her. fresh from the countryside and desperate for work. When the murderer strikes shockingly close to Coronation, she schemes, eavesdrops and spies on all around her until the shameful truth is out.

    • Children's & YA

      Just a Small Town

      by Paul Linggood

      A small town that could be anywhere: industry is in decline, streets are in decay, many have left, while those left behind take short-term joy in drugs. Four young people are among the left behind. Alex consumes heroin to escape his abusive father. Jim hides from guilt after the death of the friend he didn’t save. Chelsi’s brother killed a local boy, and ostracism pushes her towards a rival gang, prostitution and loneliness. Danny is a hustler but needs protection from the drug gang that supplies him. Can any of them survive the addiction, gang life, isolation and manipulation? Their small town could be anywhere.

    • Fiction
      March 2020

      small red women

      by Marta Sanz

      A novel about the dead and the disappeared, for whom the search still endures, and against a far-right that has never left and turned into a universal threat. A noir novel that prolongs the possibility of the political novel. Paula Quiñones arrives in Azafrán as a volunteer to help locate civil war mass graves. Little by little, she integrates herself into the community and gets to know its power dynamics, governed by a family whose patriarch has just turned one hundred years old. The story becomes obscured, and the village becomes a threatening space in which Paula’s discoveries begin to put her in danger. Who were the dead that Paula is looking for? Who do the voices, that chase her like a tragic chorus of kids and women, belong to? A novel about economic and cultural violence, and about violence against women, that dissects accounts of memory. «Sanz has few possible competitors in her generation. If someone is called to remain in posterity, it’s her (…) She has talent, brightness, and nerve. It's literature in its pure state (…) With each narration that carries her signature, the miracle of good literature is produced» (Ángeles López, La Razón). «small red women—like so, in lowercase—is a subversive game that becomes a homage. The story of Paula, a middle aged inspector who arrives in the imagined location of Azafrán to work on a project of historical memory (…) The far-right’s boom in Spain and around the world has given this story an unexpected urgency. Or maybe not so unexpected (…) The novel takes from many genres and at the same time transcends them, manipulates them. But, like the previous two parts of the trilogy, it bathes in the noir and plays with it» (Juan Carlos Galindo, El País).

    • Women's Fiction
      May 2017

      The Admiral's Baths

      by Dana Gynther

      The Admiral’s Baths is composed of four inter-connected stories, each told from the perspective of a different woman in her own time period. The story opens as a contemporary historian conducts research at the baths, making discoveries which lead us back in time. History unfolds through the stories of the struggles, desires, tragedies, and triumphs of these four protagonists. Although they are separated by hundreds of years, we find that what connects them is more powerful than the passage of time. The Admiral’s Baths (102,300 words) revolves around an actual monument in Valencia, Spain, a medieval public bathhouse which was open for nearly seven centuries and is now a museum. Some years ago, I translated several articles about the monument, covering its history, owners, architecture, and restoration. I became fascinated with the subject, and was particularly struck by its longevity. The Baths’ long history became an integral part of the story; instead of choosing one moment in the Baths’ – and Spain’s—history, I chose four: the 14th, 16th, and 19th centuries as well as the 21st.

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      August 2021


      Contemporary Jewels and the Silk Road

      by Juliet de la Rochefoucauld; Dickson Yewn

      Dickson Yewn is the quintessential modern-day literatus. His contemporary jewellery is a crystallisation of thousands of years of Chinese material history. Square rings rub shoulders with antique porcelain forms, shapes taken from Ming furniture and the geometric latticework found in Chinese architecture. Yewn focuses on these traditional Chinese motifs, but also understands the significance of different materials. Wood, one of the five elements in Chinese philosophy, is present in most of his collections. To wear a contemporary jewel by Dickson Yewn is to delve back into China's works of art and its history, blended with a contemporary twist. This new monograph of his work details the inspiration Yewn has drawn from the Imperial court, exploring its influence on the art of jewellery, from silks, embroidery, painting, architecture and cloisonné enamel to courtesan culture. Beautiful, detailed illustrations and photographs highlight Yewn's fealty to the artisanal techniques employed by the Imperial courts. Esteemed jewellery writer Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld invites the reader to explore the deeper symbolism behind Yewn's jewels.

    • Photographs: collections
      October 2020

      They Must Fall

      Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought

      by Michael Brennan; Michael Brennan; Jimmy Breslin

      They Must Fall: Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought features powerful and often moving images and stories of Muhammad Ali and the men he fought in the ring, by award-winning photographer Michael Brennan. “Around 1978, I had been in Houston, Texas photographing former Ali opponent George Foreman who had then reinvented himself as a roadside preacher. On the plane back to NYC, I thought, ‘If that’s what George is doing, I wonder what the rest of his opponents are up to?’ I set out to track down as many of the old guys as I could find.” Brennan spent decades locating Ali’s former opponents to discover what had become of them. This unique book is a look through Brennan’s remarkable archive, containing numerous never-before- seen photos plus poignant stories illuminating the images and contextualising Ali’s powerful role in the world of sport. Includes a special introductory essay by the late, great Jimmy Breslin. “Michael Brennan’s iconic 1977 portrait photograph of Muhammad Ali captures something far bigger and deeper than just the beautiful face of a beautiful man. It is a detailed map of the personal journey of one whose incomparable talents and audacity caused literati to swoon, taught a generation to question authority, and ultimately altered the path of a society which had never before seen a man exactly like him. To look at him the way he was then is to remember, with joy and sorrow, who we all once were.” - Jim Lampley, discussing the cover image (Boxing commentator, HBO Sports)

    • Road & motor vehicles: general interest
      October 2020

      Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

      Making a Legend

      by Simon Van Booy; Harvey Briggs; Mariona Vilarós

      Step inside a world of engineering excellence with this collection, dedicated to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and officially endorsed by the Rolls-Royce company. Detailed descriptions of the manufacturing process are set against a backdrop of heritage and prestige, including an exclusive showcase of the company's manufacturing facility and a splendid gallery of Rolls-Royce cars dating back to sketches of work from the 1930s. This collection includes numerous unseen photos of Sir Henry Royce driving early versions of his iconic cars. A true behind-the-scenes experience, this book introduces the reader to the Rolls-Royce master craftsmen at work. High-quality images and detailed insights reveal the process by which each car is constructed, from the 2019 Ghost Zenith back in time to the 1904 Original. Rolls-Royce opens their archive to reveal a spectacular timeline of design, providing readers with an insight into the world of those who still uphold the words of Sir Henry Royce: "Strive for perfection in everything you do". The contents list guides the reader through the complete construction of a car: Design and Customisation, Paint and Finish, Chassis Assembly, Woodwork, Leather, Testing, The Spirit of Ecstasy Hood Ornament, and more. With a glimpse at the Rolls- Royce Training Academy and a plethora of featured cars from last year to the start of the last century, this is the ultimate Rolls-Royce collectors' volume. Featured cars include the Silver Ghost (2018), the Phantom Aviator Coupe (2012), the Phantom Tranquility (2019) the AX201 Silver Ghost (1907), the Phantom II Continental (1934) and many more.

    • Photographs: collections
      September 2020

      David Bowie: Icon

      The Definitive Photographic Collection

      by Iconic Images; George Underwood

      David Bowie: Icon gathers the greatest photographs of one of the greatest stars in history, into a single, luxurious volume. The result is the most important anthology of David Bowie images that has ever been compiled. With work by many of the most eminent names in photography, this book showcases a stunning portfolio of imagery, featuring the iconic, the awe inspiring, the candid and the surprising. An astonishing 25 photographers from around the world have contributed to this celebration. Their images are accompanied by personal essays and reflections about working with this astonishing artist. From memories of the earliest days at the Arts Lab in Beckenham to what it was like touring the world with Bowie, each contributor shares their experiences of working with - and knowing - this most extraordinary figure. From portraits and album covers, performances and rehearsals, to rarely seen private moments and candid snapshots, this collection is at once powerful, sentimental and inspiring. The thoughts and reminiscences of the photographers, many sharing their memories for the first time, give us an insight into this artist unlike any other. Photography and text by: Fernando Aceves, Brian Aris, Philippe Auliac, Alec Byrne, Kevin Cummins, Chalkie Davies, Justin de Villeneuve, Vernon Dewhurst, Gavin Evans, Gerald Fearnley, Lynn Goldsmith, Greg Gorman, Andrew Kent, Markus Klinko, Geoff MacCormack, Janet Macoska, Terry O'Neill, Denis O'Regan, Norman Parkinson, Mick Rock, John Scarisbrick, Steve Schapiro, Barry Schultz, Masayoshi Sukita and Ray Stevenson. With an introduction by artist and Bowie's life-long friend, George Underwood. When David Bowie passed away on 10 January 2016, the world lost a musical hero. But his legacy lives on. While his sound and style evolved throughout his career - from Ziggy to the Thin White Duke - two facts never changed: he was an innovator; and photographers adored him. This book pays homage to this ultimate icon.

    • Individual photographers
      September 2020

      Dream Lovers: John and Yoko in NYC

      The Photographs of Brian Hamill

      by Brian Hamill

      "These photos are stunning, bittersweet visions of a past shared by all of us." - Tom Hanks. John Lennon's life, death and music shaped the world. His reputation as a philanthropist, political activist and pacifist influenced millions worldwide. If Elvis was King, Lennon was his rightful successor - and fittingly, several images in this collection of both classic and unseen photos show him wearing a diamond-studded 'Elvis' pin over his heart, in homage to his forefather on the throne of Rock 'n' Roll. John Lennon is seen here in several sessions in New York, performing on stage, relaxed at home and walking on the street with Yoko Ono. Renowned celebrity photojournalist Brian Hamill delivers his own insider view of this Beatles icon, through intense, intimate photographic portraits and insightful text. Whether Lennon is dominating the stage, posing on the roof of the Dakota building, or relaxing with Yoko Ono, Hamill's photography takes this quasi-mythical figure from the world of Rock 'n' Roll and shows him as the man he really was. "Brian looked at the John Lennon who had become an icon and saw instead a familiar face. He saw a working-class hero like those that built the City of New York. And so when John Lennon came to live in New York, Brian captured him as a New Yorker, in the joyous images that you will find in this book." - Pete Hamill "Lennon, one of the most famous men in human history, wanted to live as one among many. Of course, he hit it off with Hamill. The guy that flew so high needed some oxygen. Hamill is fresh air. His folio of Lennon images shows Lennon focused, present, but edgy, never relaxed." - Alec Baldwin

    • Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups
      September 2020


      Four Photographers on the Fab Four

      by Tony Barrell; Norman Parkinson; Michael Ward; Terry O'Neill; Derek Bayes

      The Beatles ascended like no band before, hurtling to the dizzy heights of international stardom in the early 1960s. Their counter-cultural vibes and unmistakable talent are still the subject of much discussion today - as is the rabid devotion of their fans. But how did one pop group become, as Lennon infamously quipped, "more popular than Jesus"? The work of four photographers provides an enlightening insight into the band's rise to fame. Ward captured the Fab Four when Beatlemania was still confined to their own home city - the band braved the icy Liverpool streets for a promotional shoot during the Big Freeze of '62-63. O'Neill crossed paths with The Beatles amid the buzz of the Swinging Sixties, resonating with the band in 1963 as a photographer of their generation. Parkinson delivered a deceptively relaxed shoot later that year, when the band were recording their second album; while Bayes captured never-before-published candid shots of The Beatles filming Help! in 1965. Accompanying these pictures, Tony Barrell's text delves into the Beatlemania phenomenon - the good, the bad, the ugly and the odd. From the creation of their early hit records to the hails of confectionery that peppered stages after John claimed George had eaten his jelly babies, Beatlemania: Four Photographers on the Fab Four reveals how one band became a lasting sensation.

    • Individual photographers
      March 2020

      Bond: Photographed by Terry O'Neill

      The Definitive Collection

      by Terry O'Neill; James Clarke

      Terry O'Neill was given his first chance to photograph Sean Connery as James Bond in the film Goldfinger. From that moment, O'Neill's association with Bond was made: an enduring legacy that has carried through to the era of Daniel Craig. It was O'Neill who captured gritty and roguish pictures of Connery on set, and it was O'Neill who framed the super-suave Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. His images of Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore are also important, celebrating the vital role of women in the James Bond world. But it is Terry O'Neill's casual, on-set photographs of a mischievous Connery walking around the casinos of Las Vegas or Roger Moore dancing on a bed with co-star Madeline Smith that show the other side of the world's most recognisable spy. Terry O'Neill opens his archive to give readers - and viewers - the chance to enter the dazzling world of James Bond. Lavish colour and black and white images are complemented by insights from O'Neill, alongside a series of original essays on the world of James Bond by BAFTA-longlisted film writer, James Clarke; and newly-conducted interviews with a number of actors featured in O'Neill's photographs.

    • Individual photographers
      April 2021



      by Sukita

      "It's very hard for me to accept that Sukita-san has been snapping away at me since 1972, but that really is the case. I suspect that it's because whenever he's asked me to do a session, I conjure up in my mind's eye the sweet, creative and big-hearted man who has always made these potentially tedious affairs so relaxed and painless. May he click into eternity." - David Bowie For Sukita, the creative mastermind behind David Bowie's cover for Heroes, photography is an expression of a 'fundamental secret' shared between artists: a spiritual communication that transcends the minutiae of language. Born and raised in Kyushu, Japan, Sukita's reverence of American counter-culture lured him to New York and London. He immersed himself in the western music scene which he loved, while his relaxed sessions endeared him to many celebrity figures, including David Bowie (with whom he enjoyed a 40-year professional relationship) Iggy Pop, Marc Bolan, and Japanese musician Hotei, best known for his work on the Kill Bill soundtrack. This is the first time the photographer has collaborated on a major retrospective of his career. It introduces the artist through a series of biographical essays that explore his place within the wider context of both Western and Japanese photography, presented alongside the iconic shots that earned him his eternal reputation.

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