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La Science du complot

Matthew Farnsworth

As the 17th century draws to a close, England is experiencing troubled times; a conspiracy is brewing around Charles II. At this etc...

La Fabrica

Marilyne Fortin

Convinced that he has left his childhood of poverty behind him, Blaise sets out to become an accomplished artist-painter in spite etc...


La Terre agonisante

M. V. Fontaine

The year is 2053. The melting of the glaciers reveals a vault buried in the heart of the Rockies for hundreds of millions of year etc...

À deux pas de chez elle

La Première Enquête de Chloé Perreault

François Gravel

Young detective-sergeant Chloé Perreault must unravel a mystery that has remained unsolved until now: the bones of Marie-Th& etc...

Nowhere man

Une Nouvelle Enquête de Chloé Perreault

François Gravel

A political organizer is found dead in a car near the Gay Village. The money he was carrying is gone. Years later, a body is disc etc...

Un petit pas pour l'homme

Stéphane Dompierre

By leaving his partner, Daniel thought he would free himself of worry and enter an angst-free world populated by beautiful girls etc...

Rivière tremblante

Andrée A. Michaud

On August 7, 1979, 12-year-old Michael “Superman” Saint-Pierre disappeared in the woods of Rivière-aux-Trembles. Thirty year etc...

Mirror Lake

Andrée A. Michaud

On the day that he landed at Mirror Lake, Robert Moreau could never have suspected that the forces of destiny were conspiring to etc...

Gaby Bernier 1

Pauline Gill

The riveting story of Gabrielle Bernier begins in the early 20th century. Following her father’s accidental death, Gaby is shuttl etc...

Gaby Bernier 2

Pauline Gill

As the Roaring Twenties draw to a close, Gaby Bernier’s fashion studio is the talk of the town, with its bold creations featuring etc...

Gaby Bernier 3

Pauline Gill

Determined to snub her nose at the grey despair of World War II and the government-imposed restrictions, Gaby Bernier ingeniously etc...

Le Clan Seton

Les Aubes grises

Sonia Marmen

A new age is dawning. As the Victorian era begins, the industrial revolution is transforming British society: politicians are cal etc...

La Route de Chlifa

Michèle Marineau

Sixteen-year-old Karim comes to Quebec from a war zone. Wild and withdrawn, he recounts his experiences in his devastated country etc...

François Gravel

Hò, a terminally ill 16-year-old weightlifting champion, is confined to a hospital bed. On little pieces of paper that he hi etc...

Seule contre moi

Geneviève Piché

This is a brutally and emotionally honest look at eating disorders, as seen through the eyes of 14-year-old Pascale. One morning, etc...
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