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First Admiral

William J. Benning

Over 4,000 copies sold It’s not easy being an ordinary teenager leading a hazardous and exciting double life. The Garmaurians, th etc...

Flatland (Illustrated)

Edwin Abbott Abbott

A classic of scientific and mathematical fiction, Flatland is the story of a Square as he journeys through new dimensions. He exp etc...

Highmage's Plight

Barry Nove

Professor George Bradley, computer staff in hand, “envisions” an archaeological site, which could turn history on its head. Then etc...

The Burning Sun

William J. Benning

The adventure continues for Billy Caudwell, the teenage First Admiral of the Universal Alliance Fleet. The Bardomil Empress, eage etc...

The Ganthoran Gambit

William J. Benning

Billy Caudwell, the teenage First Admiral of the Universal Alliance Fleet, has successfully completed the Time Warrior Ritual and etc...

The King in Yellow

Robert W. Chambers

It is whispered that there is a play that leaves only insanity and sorrow in its wake. It tempts those who read it, bringing upon etc...

The Master of Muscigny

William J. Benning

2,000 years ago, an alien experiment to transport an intact planet Earth went horribly wrong. A duplicate Earth – Codenamed GEMIN etc...

Time Commander

William J. Benning

The third installment in the exciting First Admiral Series, Time Commander follows the continuing adventures of Billy Caudwell; t etc...

A Marginal Man

Bernard Cohen

Dan Kramer, a college professor and a former rabbinical student, adores his handsome, athletic son Lance. Sitting in the bleacher etc...

A Princess of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Civil War veteran named John Carter, looking for treasure finds a world beyond his wildest dreams. When he is ambushed by Apach etc...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

When Alice falls down a rabbit hole, she finds a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures. In a universe etc...

Bloodlust: Vampire on the Titanic

Patrick Prior

There are vampires on the Titanic! Mina Harker, one the undead, returns to haunt the gas-lit alleys of Edwardian London. From a b etc...

Dance of the Scorpion

Bobbie Shafer

As Caleb and Duncan near the end of their summer holiday, their summer guardian and teacher Molly O’Toole is attacked by a deadly etc...

Death Wish

Joseph Nicholson

The Seryysans and the Vyysarri have been at war for centuries and there is no end to the war in sight. The Vyysarri, nomadic sava etc...


Bram Stoker

The novel Dracula begins by following the young English solicitor Jonathan Harker, who has been requested by Count Dracula for le etc...
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