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Peacebuilding in Community Colleges

A Teaching Resource

David J. Smith

In Peacebuilding in Community Colleges, David Smith underscores the importance of community colleges in strengthening global educ etc...

Where is the Lone Ranger? Second Edition

America's Search for a Stability Force

Robert M. Perito

Where Is the Lone Ranger? Second Edition examines the evolution of U.S. policy toward peace and stability operations through the etc...

A Crucial Link

Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding

Andries Odendaal

In places as diverse as South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Nepal, negotiators of national peace plans have for years sanctioned etc...

Getting it Right in Afghanistan

Scott Smith, Moeed Yusuf, Colin Cookman

As the United States and NATO prepare to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the question remains as to what sort of etc...

How We Missed the Story, Second Edition

Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Hijacking of Afghanistan

Roy Gutman

In How We Missed the Story, Second Edition, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Roy Gutman extends his investigation into why two s etc...

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia

Through a Peacebuilding Lens

Moeed Yusuf

In Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia, ten experts native to South Asia consider the nature of intrastate insurgent m etc...

NATO's Balancing Act

David S. Yost

NATO's Balancing Act evaluates the alliance’s performance of its three core tasks—collective defense, crisis management, and etc...

Managing Conflict in a World Adrift

Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela Aall

In the midst of a global political shift where power moves from central institutions to smaller, more disbursed units, another la etc...

Women, Religion, and Peacebuilding

Illuminating the Unseen

Susan Hayward, Katherine Marshall

Women, Religion, and Peacebuilding: Illuminating the Unseen examines the obstacles and opportunities that women religious peacebu etc...

Building Peace

Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies

John Paul Lederach

A major work from a seminal figure in the field of conflict resolution, Building Peace is John Paul Lederach's definitive sta etc...

Origins of the Cold War

The Novikov, Kennan, and Roberts 'Long Telegrams' of 1946

Kenneth M. Jensen

In September 1946, the Soviet ambassador to the United States, Nikolai Novikov, sent a 19-page cable to Foreign Minister Molotov etc...

Turbulent Peace

The Challenges of Managing International Conflict

Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela Aall (editors)

Like its predecessor, Managing Global Chaos, this comprehensive volume explores the sources of contemporary conflict and the vast etc...

Leashing the Dogs of War

Conflict Management in a Divided World

Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela Aall

Leashing the Dogs of War receives Outstanding Academic Title Award by the library journal CHOICE. Read the CHOICE review at http: etc...

Arts of Power

Statecraft and Diplomacy

Chas. W. Freeman, Jr.

Statecraft, or the art of conducting a state's affairs with other states, is as old as human civilization. So too is diplomac etc...

The Diplomat's Dictionary: Second Edition

Chas. W. Freeman, Jr.

With its first edition in 1994, The Diplomat’s Dictionary quickly became a classic reference book, offering professionals and ent etc...
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