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The Mystery of Longevity

Liu Zhengcai

Liu Zhengcai was born in rural Tongnan County, Sichuan Province in January 1938. In his early years. he studied traditional Chine etc...

A Beginner’s Guide to Taijiquan (with DVD)

G.E. Mitton

This book deals with the 13-Step Taiji Exercise for Health and the Ten Movements of Taiji Roushu for Fitness. The l 3-Step Taiji etc...

Infantile Tuina Therapy

Luan Changye

Tuina Therapy used to be called massage ancient times; it has a long history in China and a collection of many monographs. The th etc...

Chinese Qigong Acupressure Therapy

Zhang Weiwen

Qigong acupressure therapy incorporates many therapeutic methods, such as acupressure, massage, daoyin(a physical & breathing etc...

Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases

Jiao Shunfa

Scalp acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy used to treat the hemiplegia, numbness of limbs and aphasia caused by cerebral etc...

China’s Tibetan Medicine

Zhen Yan / Cai Jingfeng

Traditional Tibetan medicine, created by people living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is becoming known worldwide. This English mo etc...

10-Minute Primer

Chinese Wushu

Zhou Qingjie

The book traces the origin and the evolution of wushu, introduces its various schools and movement routines, and elaborates on th etc...

The Way to Locate Acupoints

Yang Jiasan (editor)

Dr Yang Jiasan, associate professor and head of the Acupuncture Department at Dongzhimen Hospital, has been both a teacher and a etc...

A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts

Correspondence Between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping

Li Tianji / Du Xilian

Wushu or Chinese martial arts, with a long history and various styles, is beneficial for health as well as for self defence. The etc...

Tai Ji for Health

Zhenglei Chen

This book introduces to all people interested in Taiji, Chen Style Taijiquan for health, the Taiji skills of internal energy and etc...

Five Thousand Years of Chinese Characters

Jialu Xu

First Full Dopcumentary On The History And Cultural Significance Of The Chinese Script In Eight Episodes

Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics

Cao Jimin / Su Xinming

Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics systematically expound the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese pediatrics, and th etc...
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