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Better Felt Than Said

The Holiness-Pentecostal Experience in Southern Appalachia

Troy D. Abell

Better Felt Than Said is a sensitive and detailed portrait of religious men and women and their struggles in a less than ideal wo etc...

Religion and the State

Essays in Honor of Leo Pfeffer

James E. Wood, Jr.

These essays examine major themes affecting religion and the state in a free society and the interaction of religion and world or etc...

The 1984 Election in Historical Perspective

William E. Leuchtenburg

Leuchtenburg focuses on recent developments in the American two-party system, as understood from analyses of its past. ; Foreword etc...

Contemporary Essays on Greek Ideas

The Kilgore Festschrift

Robert M. Baird, William F. Cooper, Elmer H. Duncan, Stuart E. Rosenbaum

ForewordPrefaceHow Philosophy Misuses Its PastJoel M. SmithParticipation and Imitation in Plato’s MetaphysicsCarl G. VaughtEpiste etc...

Religious Crises in Modern America

Martin E. Marty

Marty focuses on two religious phenomena in American history in the last hundred years, modernism and fundamentalism. ; Lecture I etc...

Should the Children Pray?

A Historical, Judicial, and Political Examination of Public School Prayer

Lynda B. Fenwick

The author traces the history of public school prayer in America and the legal debates since the 1962 Supreme Court ruling that o etc...

Biography as History

Stephen B. Oates

Dr. Stephen Oates, the twelfth Edmondson Lecturer, presents new insights into one of the most important forms of published histor etc...

Letters by Lamplight

A Woman's View of Everyday Life in South Texas, 1873-1883

Lois E. Myers

Through letters written by one family in post-Reconstruction Texas, Myers shows what life was like in this part of the Old West f etc...

George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and the Transformation of American Politics

Dan T. Carter

Carter addresses the impact of George Wallace on the national political scene, showing how he succeeded in tapping the pulse of A etc...

Empire and Nation in Russian History

Geoffrey Alan Hosking

Hosking presents the historical conception of Russia as two nations—imperial and ethnic—and relates this to the challenge facing etc...

Why People Move

Migration in African History

Philip D. Curtin

Professor Curtin presents a well-defined interpretation of why migration has occurred in Africa, highlighting numerous sociopolit etc...

Race, Ethnicity, and Class

Forging the Plural Society in Latin America and the Caribbean

Franklin W. Knight

Professor Knight addresses race, ethnicity, and class in Latin America and the Caribbean, and his conclusions are important for r etc...

Toward Benevolent Neutrality

Church, State, and the Supreme Court

Robert T. Miller, Ronald B. Flowers

In this two volume set, Toward Benevolent Neutrality presents the text of virtually every significant Supreme Court decision conc etc...

What Was Revolutionary about the French Revolution?

Robert H. Darnton

Darnton offers a reasoned defense of what the French revolutionaries were trying to achieve and urges us to look beyond political etc...

A New Meeting of the Religions

Interreligious Relationships and Theological Questioning

E. Luther Copeland

A New Meeting of the Religions demonstrates that one can affirm the Christian mission internationally and interculturally without etc...
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