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Pewter Angels

Book 1

Henry K Ripplinger

Pewter Angels, book one of the Angelic Letters Series, begins the epic saga of life, love, angels and miracles which follows the etc...

Another Angel of Love

Book 2

Henry K Ripplinger

Another Angel of Love, book 2 of the Angelic Letters Series continues the epic saga of Henry and Jenny and their families. It was etc...

Angel of Thanksgiving

Book 3

Henry K Ripplinger

Angel of Thanksgiving, book 3 of the Angelic Letters Series delves deeper into this incredible journey of faith, hope and love. H etc...

The Angelic Occurrence

Book 4

Henry K Ripplinger

The Angelic Occurrence, book 4 of the Angelic Letters Series sets the stage for Henry and Jenny’s lives after decades apart to in etc...

Angel Promises Fulfilled

Book 5

Henry K Ripplinger

Angel Promises Fulfilled, book 5 of the Angelic Letters Series concludes this heart wrenching saga. Henry is flabbergasted to lea etc...
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