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10 Little Monsters Visit Oregon

Walton, Rick - Smiley, Jess Smart

From the Astoria Column and Crater Lake to Tillamook Cheese and Powell’s Books, these 10 Little Monsters discover some of the mos etc...

10 Little Monsters Visit San Francisco

Walton, Rick - Smiley, Jess Smart

10 Little Monsters love to play At the Golden City by the Bay. 10 Little Monsters, they can’t wait To visit the city with the Gol etc...

10 Little Monsters Visit Washington

Walton, Rick - Smiley, Jess Smart

10 Little Monsters, looking for fun, Take a trip to Washington. 10 Little Monsters, they can’t wait 'Cause Monsters love the etc...

52 Weeks of Cookies

How One Mom Refused to Be Beaten by Her Son's Deployment

McCreath, Maggie

Single mother Maggie McCreath couldn’t decide which was worse: the fact that her only son (not yet twenty-one) was off to war in etc...

523 Ways to Be Awesome

Thompson, Kathryn

Have you ever wanted to write a symphony, explore the galaxy, or save a life? With 523 Ways to Be Awesome, you will learn how you etc...

90-Day Raw Food Diet

Improve Health, Heighten Energy, and Get the Glow!

Kenney, Matthew

Matthew Kenney's The 90-Day Raw Food Diet is a 90-day program to help people who are interested in improving their health and etc...

A Dangerous Day in Georgia

Earl, Cheri Pray - Williams, Carol Lynch - Oliphant, Manelle

“April 8, 1942 was a dangerous day.” That’s what the note said. The one from Mom and Dad. George and Gracie find it in their pare etc...

A Land Twice Promised

An Israeli Woman's Quest for Peace

Baum, Noa

Israeli storyteller Noa Baum grew up in Jerusalem in the shadow of the ancestral traumas of the holocaust and ongoing wars. Stori etc...

A Teen's Guide to Success

How to Be Calm, Confident, Focused

Bernstein, Ben

The world’s teenagers have never been so challenged as they are today. The constant demands of parents, school, work, peers, soci etc...

All-Natural Aquaponic Lawns, Gardens & Vertical Gardens

Inexpensive Back-to-Basics Gardening with Fish Using Non-Electric, Solar, or Minimal-Electricity Designs

Warnock, Caleb - Lyons, Logan

In the first aquaponic book to provide information on lawns, gardens, and vertical gardens, self-sufficiency expert Caleb Warnock etc...

Among the Giants

How One Underdog Pursued His Dreams & You Can Too!

LeBeau, Jesse

The sound of the basketball slapping the floor echoed hollowly in the gym, as I began working it playfully with my hands. Plannin etc...

Angel Birthdays

A Day to Remember, A New Way to Heal, A Celebration of Life

Garay, Erin - Abbott, Kristin

When Gracie and Jake’s Grandma passes away, these children come up with a brilliant plan to help them grieve and celebrate their etc...

Becoming Free

A Woman's Guide to Internal Strength

Monson, Christy

Throughout our lives we tend to build up armor that inhibits our growth. Our armor comes in many disguises: depression, self-depr etc...

Body Fit

A Beginner's Guide to Fitness

Marshall, Greg

“My goal is to empower you to train yourself. This is why I want to give you a strong foundation of fitness education in weight t etc...


Miles, David W - Hoopes, Natalie

In a world dazzled by the latest gadgets and mesmerized by Internet videos, the humble book seems like the most ordinary thing th etc...
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