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Learning Teaching

Becoming an inspirational teacher

Pete Boyd, Barry Hymer, Karen Lockney

An essential and aspirational text for all beginning teachers, with a clear focus on learning in order to support you becoming an etc...

Observing Children and Families

Beyond the Surface

Gill Butler

This book explains the unique insights that child observation can bring to practice with children and families and helps the read etc...

Theories of Professional Learning

A Critical Guide for Teacher Educators

Carey Philpott

An essential guide to important theories of professional learning for teacher educators, of particular value to those taking on n etc...

Language, Literacy and Communication in the Early Years:

A critical foundation

Hayes, Carol

An essential text for students and practitioners on the development and acquisition of language and literacy in the early years.

Learning to be a Primary Teacher

Core Knowledge and Understanding

Glazzard, Jonathan

An essential core text for all primary trainees and beginning teachers, covering the key knowledge, understanding and skills new etc...

Writing Analytical Assessments in Social Work

Dyke, Chris

You write something in order that it can be read, not in order that it can be written – write reports that achieve and illuminate etc...

The LearningWheel

A model of digital pedagogy

Kellsey, Deborah

A model of digital pedagogy for educators and learning technologists across the teaching and learning sector

Your Primary School-based Experience

A Guide to Outstanding Placements

Catriona Robinson, Branwen Bingle, Colin Howard

An essential companion for all primary trainee teachers, whatever their training route,focusing on the school-based experience. I etc...

A Complete Guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Machin, Lynn

A new updated edition of this essential text for the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, tailored to meet the demands of t etc...

Active Social Work with Children with Disabilities

Adams, Julie

A comprehensive social worker's guide to working with children with disabilities.

Practice Education in Social Work

Achieving Professional Standards

Field, Pam

An invaluable guide for Practice Educators and Practice Supervisors undertaking learning and assessment to gain and maintain Stag etc...

Evidencing CPD

A Guide to Building your Social Work Portfolio

Bogg, Daisy

This book offers a simple, constructive and fully referenced guide to planning and reflecting on career development in social wor etc...

Coteaching in Teacher Education

Innovative Pedagogy for Excellence

Murphy, Colette

A concise and comprehensive overview of the practice of coteaching, including its benefits and educational and social implication etc...

Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

A Social Work Perspective

Cummins, Ian

The book examines the experiences of people with mental health problems across all stages of the Criminal Justice System.

Post Compulsory Teacher Educators: Connecting Professionals

Crawley, Jim

A call to action for post-compulsory teacher education professionals, both in the UK and internationally, to unite around key pri etc...
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