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The Cape of Killing

Rainer Doh

Freezing cold temperatures and a rising blizzard: there is no way for the criminal investigation of Tromsø to get to Skjerv& etc...

The Love Drug

Tobias Radloff

A ruined private investigator. A beautiful but dead woman. A pharmacist who wants to democratise love with a new drug substance . etc...

How the Chancellor spends the nights

Thomas Knauf

A tale about how cinema is able to transform Germany's most important woman and a homage to Alan Bennett's “The Uncommon etc...

Keeping Silence

Annette Feldmann

Nils and Ari love each other. But somehow, Nils rejects Ari again and again, until someday, Ari breaks up with him. But why, for etc...

Turkish Revenge

Askim Utkuseven

Binnur and Fahrettin are planning their wedding. Hatice wants to set up a kebab restaurant, Mehmet, however, only wants to pass h etc...

The Wild Charlotte

Mario Giordano

Wild-Olaf and his crew knife-Ole, scary-Sven, stammer-Claas and the twins Rimski and Korsakov love the sea, their ship “The Wild etc...

Town of animals

Martin Klein

A strange guest visits the campfire in the big city, where the alliance of animals meet in the evening. Seeking help, the lean ra etc...


Gabriele Dietz

On the one hand there are the king's daughters who wait the whole day for their prince to come and on the other hand there ar etc...

Space Camp

Annika Lüders

„The only function of outer space was to majestically deflect people’s sanity and imagination.“ Sky’s biggest dream is to travel etc...

Takla Makan

Petra Nouns

Ella is 14 years old and attends the „Marie Curie comprehensive school” in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The class´ majority have a so c etc...

Poison of the Republic

Gerd Henrich

At the behest of the Stasi, Frank Granow, a GDRscientist, develops a toxic substance whose mortal effect can be controlled by a t etc...

So I’m Going to be Totally Different

Jennifer Schreiner

Anna is 28 years old, a student and somewhat chaotic. Furthermore, she still lives with her mother, who desperately wants to pair etc...


The tide turns once again

Rainer Doh

Heckenheim is a sleepy small town in Southern Germany where the Käfers are living their decent middle-class life. Gottfried etc...
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