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These Poor Hands

The autobiography of a miner working in south Wales

B.L. Coombes (Author), Bill Jones (Editor), Chris Williams (Editor)

These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner Working in South Wales, was first published in June 1939. It was an instant bestse etc...

Making Sense of Wales

A Sociological Perspective

Graham Day (Author)

Making Sense of Wales gives an account of the main changes that have taken place in Welsh society over the last fifty years, as w etc...

Investigating Language Attitudes

Social Meanings of Dialect, Ethnicity and Performance

Peter Garrett (Editor), Nikolas Coupland (Editor), Angie Williams (Editor)

This is a systematic and critical appraisal of the variety of ways in which people's attitudes to language have been research etc...

The Milieu and Context of the Wooing Group

Susannah M. Chewning (Editor)

This book brings together the most current interpretations of the Wooing Group from scholars currently working on the fields of m etc...

Wine Drinking Culture in France

A National Myth or a Modern Passion?

Marion Demossier (Author)

Wine drinking culture in France has traditionally been a source of pride for the French and in an age of concerns about the dange etc...

The Fiction of Emyr Humphreys

Contemporary Critical Perspectives

Linden Peach (Author)

For over half a century, Emyr Humphreys’s work as a novelist, short story writer, poet, dramatist and television producer has bee etc...

The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town

Ballarat, Victoria 1850-1900

Robert Tyler (Author)

Works which have sought to look specifically at the Welsh in Australia have been few in number and characterised by a concentrati etc...

Equality and Public Policy

Exploring the Impact of Devolution in the UK

Paul Chaney (Author)

Equality of opportunity is a contested concept. It evokes strong emotions from proponents and opponents alike. Enduring issues of etc...

Urban Culture in Medieval Wales

Helen Fulton (Editor)

This collection of twelve essays describes aspects of town life in medieval Wales, from the way people lived and worked to how th etc...

Exodus from Cardiganshire

Rural-Urban Migration in Victorian Britain

Kathryn J. Cooper (Author)

Cardiganshire was one of the few counties of England and Wales whose populations in 1911 were less than in 1851. This was despite etc...

Edward Thomas

The Origins of his Poetry

Judy Kendall (Author)

Edward Thomas: The Origins of his Poetry builds a new theoretical framework for critical work on imaginative composition through etc...

Fifty Years in Politics and the Law

The Rt Hon Lord Morris of Aberavon (Author)

There is no other inside account from a minister who was at the Cabinet Committee table drafting devolution proposals, first in h etc...

Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution


Ffion Mair Jones (Author)

Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution provides for the first time an edition, with parallel English translations, of Welsh-langu etc...

An Introduction to the 'Glossa Ordinaria' as Medieval Hypertext

David A. Salomon (Author)

The Glossa Ordinaria, the medieval glossed Bible first printed in 1480/81, has been a rich source of biblical commentary for cent etc...

The Elect Methodists

Calvinistic Methodism in England and Wales, 1735-1811

David Ceri Jones (Author), Eryn Mant White (Author), Boyd Stanley Schlenther (Author)

The Elect Methodists is the first full analysis of Calvinistic Methodism, covering both England and Wales. Within the margins of etc...
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