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Riding the Mountains Down

Bettina Selby

Bettina Selby, mother of three grown-up children, decided at the age of 47 to undertake an adventurous project and cycle alone fr etc...

Riding the Desert Trail

By Bicycle to the Source of the Nile

Bettina Selby

One wet and windy day in the British Museum, Bettina Selby decided, almost on an impulse, to travel the length of the Nile Valley etc...

Beyond Ararat

A Journey Through Eastern Turkey

Bettina Selby

Beyond Ararat is a journey to the cradle of civilization, where the Tigris and the Euphrates rise. Along the corridor of ancient etc...

Pilgrims Road

A Journey to Santiago De Compostela

Bettina Selby

Since the Tenth Century pilgrims have travelled the ancient roads through France and Spain that lead to the fabled town of Santia etc...

Frail Dream of Timbuktu

Bettina Selby

In her latest journey, the most exotic and challenging of them all, Bettina Selby set out to explore the land of ancient African etc...

Riding to Jerusalem

Bettina Selby

People have made their way to Jerusalem in many ways. Some have ridden in triumphantly as conquerors, others have come humbly on etc...

The Fragile Islands

A Journey Through the Outer Hebrides

Bettina Selby

Bettina Selby, traveller and explorer, decided to spend a long summer idyll re-visiting the far flung islands of the Outer Hebrid etc...

Riding North One Summer

Bettina Selby

Well-known and rightly admired for her marathon solo bicycle journeys along the Himalayas, to Jerusalem and down the Nile, Bettin etc...

Like Water in a Dry Land

Bettina Selby

In December 1994, at a time of intense political pressure for peace in the Middle East, Bettina Selby set out on a journey from C etc...

Two Cats Walking

Bettina Selby

For two cats who trace their ancestry back to ancient Egypt , and who believe that they have a sacred duty to the human race, two etc...
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