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Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology

Chris Potts

Ian is a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is about to go on a journey of change - whether he likes it or not. He will be expec etc...

Data Modeling for the Business

A Handbook for Aligning the Business With It Using High-level Data Models

Steve Hoberman, Donna Burbank, Chris Bradley

Learn about the High-Level Data Model and master the techniques for building one, including a comprehensive ten-step approach and etc...

Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner

Steve Hoberman, George McGeachie

Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner will provide the business or IT professional with a practical working knowledge of d etc...

Building the Agile Database

How to Build a Successful Application Using Agile Without Sacrificing Data Management

Larry Burns

Hear the author, Larry Burns, talk about his book. Is fast development the enemy of good development? Not necessarily. Agile deve etc...

UML and Data Modeling

A Reconciliation

David C. Hay

Here you will learn how to develop an attractive, easily readable, conceptual, business-oriented entity/relationship model, using etc...

Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse

Architecture, Analysis & Design

Bill Inmon, Krish Krishnan

Learn essential techniques from data warehouse legend Bill Inmon on how to build the reporting environment your business needs no etc...

How Work Gets Done

Business Process Management, Basics & Beyond

Artie Mahal

Hear the author, Artie Mahal, talk about his book. Rediscover how your organization works and where it can be improved by using s etc...

The Analytical Puzzle

David Haertzen

Do you enjoy completing puzzles? Perhaps one of the most challenging (yet rewarding) puzzles is delivering a successful data ware etc...

UML Requirements Modeling For Business Analysts

Norman Daoust

Hear the author, Norman Daoust, talk about his book. This book provides you with a collection of best practices, guidelines, and etc...

UML Database Modeling Workbook

Michael Blaha

Hear the author, Mike Blaha, talk about his book. With our appetites for data on the rise, it has become more important than ever etc...

Extreme Scoping

Larissa T. Moss

Do your business intelligence (BI) projects take too long to deliver? Is the value of the deliverables less than satisfactory? Do etc...

Business unIntelligence

Dr. Barry Devlin

Business intelligence (BI) used to be so simple - in theory anyway. Integrate and copy data from your transactional systems into etc...

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple

HÃ¥kan Edvinsson, Lottie Aderinne

Hear one of the authors, Håkan Edvinsson, talk about his book. Learn how to institute and implement enterprise architecture etc...

Data Scientist

Zacharias Voulgaris, PhD

As our society transforms into a data-driven one, the role of the Data Scientist is becoming more and more important. If you want etc...

Data Modeling for MongoDB

Steve Hoberman

Learn how to capture and precisely document business requirements to create an efficient MongoDB design. Watch Steve Hoberman tal etc...
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