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Fast Facts: Eating Disorders

Hans Steiner, Martine F Flament

The earlier a person with an eating disorder is treated, the greater the likelihood of physical and psychological recovery. Fast etc...

Fast Facts: Low Back Pain

David Borenstein, Andei Calin

Low back pain is one of the most common presenting complaints, can be extremely debilitating and carries enormous economic costs. etc...

Fast Facts: Epilepsy

Martin J Brodie, Steven C Schachter, Patrick Kwan

Fast Facts: Epilepsy is a succinct and practical aid to the diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders. Contents include: the d etc...

Fast Facts: Acute Coronary Syndromes

Paul A Gurbel, Udaya S Tantry, Kurt Huber

Fast Facts: Acute Coronary Syndromes is an international evidence-based primer that focuses on optimizing patient outcomes via ac etc...

Fast Facts: Breast Cancer

Jayant S Vaidya, David Joseph

Wherever you are in your career, and whatever involvement you have with caring for women with breast cancer, the fifth edition of etc...

Fast Facts: Brain Tumors

Lauren E Abrey, Warren P Mason

Despite the availability of many effective treatments, there remains a therapeutic nihilism associated with brain tumors. This hi etc...

Fast Facts: Multiple Sclerosis

Omar Malik, Ann Donnelly, Michael Barnett

Rapid advances in multiple sclerosis (MS) research have produced diagnostic achievements and new treatments that are helping clin etc...

Fast Facts: Obesity

David Haslam, Gary Wittert

“Not to broach the subject of excess weight with a patient is a dereliction of duty as a healthcare professional,” say the author etc...

Fast Facts: Cardiac Arrhythmias

Gerry Kaye, Steve Furniss, Robert Lemery

Recent progress in interventional therapies has revolutionized the management of cardiac arrhythmias, resulting in a remarkable i etc...

Fast Facts: Disorders of the Hair and Scalp

Rod Sinclair, Vicky Jolliffe

Hair is inextricably linked with an individual’s sense of worth, personal style and self-confidence. If this is overlooked by cli etc...

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Roger S Kirby; Manish I Patel

The time has come to abandon the prevalent attitude of nihilism about prostate cancer because, potentially, much suffering could etc...

Fast Facts: Renal Disorders

Ajay Singh, Jeremy Lvey, Charles Pusey

Early detection of renal problems coupled with the appropriate therapeutic strategy can radically reduce the progressive nature o etc...

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer

Karen L Agnew, Christopher B Bunker, Sarah T Arron

Skin cancer is both preventable and treatable, yet it is becoming alarmingly common. The key to successful treatment (other than etc...

Fast Facts: Heart Failure

Dariusz Korczyk, Thomas H Marwick, Gerry Kaye

Heart failure is a serious public health problem that has an enormous effect on individuals and families, as well as healthcare b etc...

Fast Facts: Osteoarthritis

Philip Conaghan, Amanda E Nelson

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder and represents a massive problem in our aging and overweight society. For most p etc...
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