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Little Girl Lost

Ingrid Steel

All About Aliens

For Alien Lovers and skeptics alike, this book takes a keen look into the topic of extra terrestrials

C Lee

When H.G Wells published his science-fiction classic The War of the Worlds, we were seized by a global fascination with extra-ter etc...

Charlie Boy

A Farm Boy rides to War

L J Weston

When Charlie Carson’s childhood dream of becoming an Olympic runner bites the dust, he turns all his attention to his other great etc...

Crisis in Colombia

A Junta overlord holds a group of hostages to ransom. Can Mac and Sarah save the innocent abductees?

Byran Marlowe

Mac is back! Following on from Bryan Marlowe’s thrilling Recalled to Arms and Leaving Mercy to Heaven, Eli (Mac) Murray, an embit etc...

A Peculiarly English Education

Sex, Strife and survival in a prepartory school from hell

Raymond Mitchell-Heggs

In the bitter winter of 1947, in a train rattling through the bleak flatlands of eastern England, a small boy clutches his teddy etc...

Drugs For all Reasons

Three Novellas by John Mann

John Mann

Absinthe, LSD, Speed and anti-cancer drugs - these three entertaining stories explore how drugs, both legal and otherwise, can af etc...

Strike of the Cobra

The drug smugglers who crush anyone in their path to escape justice

Stephen Heubach

When boat trader Daniel Cassidy is approached by a Turkish businessman who offers him a lucrative international deal, he has his etc...


The long road to happiness

G J Bonham

An intense romance novel written by Australian author G. J. Bonham, Suzanne - The Long Road to Happiness is about one girl's etc...

Ultimate Ride

A young trophy wife, a criminal and their dangerous Affair

C H Lee

He is a loudmouth taxi driver and she is the well-dressed wife of a wealthy businessman. When their very different lives collide, etc...

The Angel Prophecy

When humans first walked on the earth, a terrible prophecy was born

Melanie Redmond

The day will come when good and evil contend for the Earth…that day has nearly arrived.New Yorker Amy Donaldson is seperated, bea etc...

The Verglas File

A thrilling story of lost nazi treasures, betrayal and cold blooded murder

Warwick Woodhouse

In the mayhem and confusion of the closing months of WWII, the Nazis embarked on a trail of destruction to prevent the priceless etc...

Autumns Colours

Glimpses, some humorous and some sad, of everyday and not so everyday life in a care home near you

Nick Holloway RGN

Autumn's Colours, is Nick Holloway's first novel, a lighthearted story set in an imaginary care home in a Dorset town. Th etc...
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