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Digitisation Perspectives

Rikowski, R.

This book examines various views and perspectives on digitisation. As Simon Tanner, Director Digital Consultancy, King’s College etc...

Obsessed with the Doctoral Theses

Supervision and Support during the Dissertation Process

Määttä, K.

After having supervised the 30th doctoral thesis at the University of Lapland, Finland, Professor Kaarina Määttä i etc...

Decolonizing Philosophies of Education

Abdi, Ali A.

Philosophy of education basically deals with learning issues that attempt to explain or answer what we describe as the major ques etc...

Reading Practices, Postcolonial Literature, and Cultural Mediation in the Classroom

Johnston, I.

In this book, Johnston and Mangat consider ways in which particular postcolonial and multicultural literary texts are able to pro etc...

Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and Museums

Approaching Sociocultural Perspectives

Davidsson, E.

There is an increasing interest in understanding learning and knowledge development when visitors attend informal institutions, s etc...

PISA Under Examination

Changing Knowledge, Changing Tests, and Changing Schools

Pereyra, M. A.

From the 23rd to 26th of November 2009 in La Palma island, in the Canaries, the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) or etc...

Art's Way Out

Exit Pedagogy and the Cultural Condition

Baldacchino, J.

In taking the critique of inclusion and entry as a first step, Art’s Way Out’s discussion of art, politics and learning aims to d etc...

Dewey and Power

Renewing the Democratic Faith 

Hewitt, R.  

Dewey and Power develops out of criticism that John Dewey’s work lacks a sufficient concept of power, thus rendering his faith in etc...

Science Education in Context

An International Examination of the Influence of Context on Science Curricula Development and Implementation 

Coll, R. K.  

This book presents an international perspective of the influence of educational context on science education. The focus is on the etc...

Teaching 360°: Effective Learning Through the Imagination

Introductory section by Kieran Egan

Judson, G

This book offers a detailed examination of imagination in learning. Teachers working with the ideas of Imaginative Education in t etc...

Buying your Way into Heaven

Education and Corruption in International Perspective

Heyneman, S. P.

Education is commonly thought to be a haven for the young. No matter how unstable the polity, no matter how dismal the prospects etc...

The New Inheritors

Transforming Young People's Expectations of University

Mattarozzi Laming, M.

This groundbreaking book examines why the majority of Australian school leavers want to go to university and have resisted govern etc...

Writing the Family

Women, Auto-Ethnography, and Family Work

Skott-Myhre, K.

This is not a traditional book about the family. In a very essential way, it is a book about being a woman in relation to the cur etc...


Mobilising Learners and Touring Technologies to Creatively Explore the Built Environment

Sprake, J.

Learning-through-Touring uncovers ways in which people interact with the built environment by exploring the spaces around, betwee etc...

Ratio and Proportion

Research and Teaching in Mathematics Teachers' Education (Pre- and In-Service Mathematics Teachers of Elementary and Middle School Classes)

Ben-Chaim, D.

Ratio and Proportion—Research and Teaching in Mathematics Teachers' Education offers its readers an intellectual adventure wh etc...
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