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CT Anatomy for Radiotherapy

Pete Bridge

Knowledge of CT anatomy is increasingly vital in daily radiotherapy practice, especially with more widespread use of cross-sectio etc...

Preoperative Assessment and Perioperative Management

Mark Radford

Pre operative assessment of the surgical patient is a key part of the perioperative process. However, it is one that cannot be se etc...

Improving Patient Outcomes

A Resource for Ward Leaders

Alison Wells

Improving Patient Outcomes is aimed at ward and department leaders and prospective leaders. The evidence for effective team worki etc...

The Clinician's Guide to Chronic Disease Management of Long-term Conditions

A Cognitive-behavioural Approach

Gill Furze

Written with clinicians in mind who are caring for people with long-term or chronic conditions, the aim of this book is to provid etc...

My Health, My Faith, My Culture

A Guide for Healthcare Practitioners

Sue Timmins

Every patient, whatever their cultural background and religious affiliation, is entitled to receive healthcare that is sensitive, etc...

Pre-teen and Teenage Pregnancy

A Twenty-first Century Reality

June L. Leishman

Childhood and teenage pregnancy continues to pose significant social and health concerns within the UK and beyond. It is an issue etc...

Primary Care Case Studies for Nurse Practitioners

Lydia Burke

Fourteen clinical cases in a handy pocket size book Practice nurses and nurse practitioners working alongside general practitione etc...

Perinatal Mental Health

A Clinical Guide

Colin R. Martin

The prospect of parenthood represents a milestone in anyone’s life course and is often a period of stress and challenge. There ar etc...

Cardiac Arrhythmia Recognition

An Easy Learning Guide

Fiona Foxall

This workbook is a no-fuss, practical guide containing all the information you need to get to grips with cardiac monitoring. It w etc...

Nutrition for Children

A No-nonsense Guide for Parents

Wyndham. Boobier

How nice it would be to find a book about children's nutrition that was written for parents by a parent. Such a book would be etc...

Inter-professional Approaches to Young Fathers

Jane Reeves

With one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, young fatherhood, as a site of economic and personal adversity, has be etc...

A Guide to Research for Podiatrists

Jackie. Campbell

It is constantly suggested that, as podiatrists, we need to research, but what does this really mean? This question can be partic etc...

The Primary Care Guide to Mental Health

Sheila. Hardy

One in three or four patients seen in primary care has a mental health problem. There are straightforward and effective treatment etc...

Issues in Ophthalmic Practice

Current and Future Challenges

Susan Watkinson

Ophthalmic nurse practitioners face many challenges today, owing to the effects of demographic change, advancing technology and r etc...

The Management of COPD in Primary and Secondary Care

An Introduction

Dave Lynes

COPD is preventable and treatable, yet its low profile and late presentation means that many people are not diagnosed until the d etc...
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