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Nonfiction Matters

Reading, Writing, and Research in Grades 3-8

Stephanie Harvey

When we open the gates to nonfiction inquiry, we open our thinking and expect the unexpected, making reading discoveries, researc etc...

Read It Again!

Revisiting Shared Reading

Brenda Parkes

"This book anchors shared reading as an essential element within a comprehensive and balanced literacy program.&quot etc...

Is That a Fact?

Teaching Nonfiction Writing, K-3

Tony Stead

The book you are about to read is destined to be the first, middle, and maybe even the last word on nonfiction writing for young, etc...

Knowing How

Researching and Writing Nonfiction, 3-8

Barbara S. Siegel, Mary C. McMackin

When you assign a research report, do you hear groans of dismay? Audible groans from the students and your own internal groan, be etc...

Literacy Work Stations

Making Centers Work

Debbie Diller

This book will help teachers solve the dilemma: What does the rest of my class do while I'm working with a small reading etc...

Reading Reasons

Motivational Mini-Lessons for Middle and High School

Kelly Gallagher

"Why should I read?" Can your students answer that question? Do they have trouble seeing the importance that re etc...

Making the Match

The Right Book for the Right Reader at the Right Time, Grades 4-12

Teri Lesesne

What do adolescents care about? Chatting on-line with friends, movies, their favorite bands . . . but many are also avid readers. etc...

Starting with Comprehension

Reading Strategies for the Youngest Learners

Andie Cunningham, Ruth Shagoury

It is never too early to start comprehension instruction. In fact, reading begins with meaning making. Andie Cunningham and Ruth etc...

Teaching for Deep Comprehension

A Reading Workshop Approach

Carla Soffos, Linda J. Dorn

Linda Dorn and Carla Soffos describe the process of comprehension as a reflection of the mind—a window into the reader's etc...

Writing Through the Tween Years

Supporting Writers, Grades 3-6

Bruce Morgan, Deb Odom

Guided reading has long been recognized as a dynamic process that supports children's skills as readers in all genres, ye etc...

Notebook Know-How

Strategies for the Writer's Notebook

Aimee Buckner

A writer's notebook is an essential springboard for the pieces that will later be crafted in writers' workshop. I etc...

Making Problems, Creating Solutions

Challenging Young Mathematician

Jill Ostrow

In Making Problems, Creating Solutions, Jill Ostrow rethinks the teaching of mathematics and shows teachers how to build challeng etc...

Running Records

A Self-Tutoring Guide

Peter H. Johnston

If you want to learn how to assess and interpret young children's oral reading, this book is your teacher. Johnston&# etc...

Meet Me in the Middle

Becoming an Accomplished Middle Level Teacher

Rick Wormeli

Rick Wormeli is the teacher you would like to have on your team or in the room next door.from the Foreword by Ed BrazeeDrawing on etc...

On the Same Page

Shared Reading Beyond the Primary Grades

Janet Allen

Maya Angelou says, "Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with the sha etc...
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