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IPR License is the ground breaking platform for publishers and agents to list and license their literary rights, providing access to a global marketplace

Are you a publisher, literary agent or author?

IPR License is the online platform for you! Operate on a global scale to grab a piece of the burgeoning international rights, licensing and permissions marketplaces - all from the comfort of your own desktop.

  • Use our detailed search system to find exactly what titles you’re looking for within our 13 million listings
  • List the rights that you represent and sell your work into different territories, languages and formats (including film, TV and media rights)
  • Generate new leads for rights business internationally - contact who you need using our simple and direct enquiries system
  • License permissions straight away with our fully transactional system – actual revenue generated in just a few clicks
  • Get yourself noticed by being included in our global rights newsletters and our rights magazine, distributed at the biggest international book fairs

IPR License is committed to innovating and embracing technology to continue putting rights holders in an optimum position to buy and sell books rights, licensing agreements and permissions.

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Are you a:

  • Publisher
  • Literary Agency
  • Author


Highlighted Titles


Beijing International Book Fair Rights Magazine


27th-31st August

Click here to read about the IPR License Rights Magazine
Click here to read about the IPR License Rights Magazine