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MQuills Publishing was founded in 2011 to promote quality and innovation in publishing. Too many new publishers left their writers without any support and with only minimum of quality in development. Too many old publishers were only interested in writers who had already crafted successful careers, while simultaneously getting mired in inefficient tradition and bureaucracy. Consequently, MQuills was created with the directive of creating a new kind of publishing firm which helps develop quality works while operating under the changing realities of an evolving industry.

Our books are selected for publication through our BookStart program - crowd-funding for books. If a manuscript generates enough interest from readers and meets the funding goal, then the proceeds are used to produce, market and distribute the book.

Our goal is to publish great books and foster writers in their careers. The right words can change the world, but writers often struggle to get their works noticed by the public. We offer the resources to make a good writer great.

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