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This is the first time the Angelic Letters Series is open to offers for licensing.

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Pewter Angels, book one in the five book Angelic Letters Series is an award winning national bestseller. The epic story follows the lives of Jenny Sarsky and Henry Pederson along with their guardian angels. Their uplifting yet tumultuous journey through life's struggles and victories inspires the miracle of deep, enduring love. Another Angel of Love, book 2 of the series continues the epic saga of Henry and Jenny and their families. The powerful life lessons revealed through the author's beloved characters, especially Mr. Engelmann's mentoring goes beyond fiction and is life changing. Angel of Thanksgiving, book 3, in the series takes the reader further into this incredible journey of faith, hope and love. As we see Henry and Jenny's lives unfolding separately and so far apart, will destiny ever bring them together again? The Angelic Occurrence, book 4 in the series delves deeper into the ever-widening circle of influence Henry's and Jenny's guardian angels bestow upon them in an effort to re-ignite a love that never died. The twists and turns in this adventure are thrilling and heart-stopping. Angel Promises Fulfilled, book 5, concludes this heart-wrenching saga. Questions burning in the mind's of readers are finally answered!



Pio-Seelos Books is a small independent publishing company that has published the bestselling, award winning, five book series titled: The Angelic Letters Series. The five books in the series are: Book 1, Pewter Angels; book 2, Another Angel of Love; book 3, Angel of Thanksgiving; book 4, The Angelic Occurrence and book 5, Angel Promises Fulfilled. The combined sales of all five books is over 200,000 copies. They are all bestsellers and listed in the Toronto Globe and mail top ten best selling books in Canada. Pewter Angels is the winner of two Gold Medal Awards: The Independent Publishers Book award and Living Now Book Award. Visit web site: for an overview of all five books.

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