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Caffeine Nights Publishing

United Kingdom



Based in Kent, England. Caffeine Nights Publishing was formed in April 2007.

We produce crime and horror fiction in paperback, eBook and apps for all digital platforms. Our goal is to provide a new business model for publishing and for authors that is greener, more sustainable and profitable for authors.

We cannot and do not try to compete with large publishing houses, but we want to provide a service which differs from many independent publishers. We have high standards and our acceptance rate is low. We do not apologise for this as we have a brand to care about as well as the authors who we sign. We want to change the industry's perception of independent publishers and we can only do this by publishing high quality, exciting and engaging titles.

Our output may be small but our ambition is not.

Caffeine Nights Publishing has one goal and that is to produce fiction to keep the reader entertained. Reading should be a pleasurable experience. We want to make you laugh, cry, keep you on the edge of your seat, we want to frighten you and sometimes make you look into the darkest corner of your heart, but most of all we want to challenge your emotions and make you turn the page.