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Rippple Books

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Rippple Books is a publisher of English language fiction books, based in Germany. They have six titles to date, and were recently etc...

Greetings from

Campbell Jefferys

This collection of travel stories has been gathered over twenty years of travel and writing. They cover many places and themes, b etc...

The Book of Names


Royce Leville

Strange situations, unsolvable problems, secret lives, redemption and revenge. Who are the people behind the names? Frankie, Pave etc...

The Bicycle Teacher

Campbell Jefferys

In the summer of 1981, Michael from Perth meets Kathrin from Berlin. It’s love. It’s East meets West, and East wins. The place wh etc...


A Novel

Campbell Jefferys

How do you find a way to fit in when you don't really feel you belong? Hunter follows the stories of Eric, a teenage boy, and etc...

The Label Maker

MacKenzie Stilton

Surrounded by people, constantly connected and instantly gratified, yet lost, unsatisfied and alone. Like so many people around h etc...

Dixon Grace

1.9.7 Hamburg

Alexa Camouro

Dixon's European sojourn goes awry when she's arrested for corporate espionage. She's just an innocent Australian tea etc...

A Little Leg Work

Royce Leville

When you order a meal in a restaurant, how can you be sure you get what you asked for? Isn't that meat a little pale to be be etc...

True Blue Tucker

Campbell Jefferys

Two men go in search of the real Australia, and find it in a bar in Munich. But what will they do with it now they've found i etc...
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