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Ouen Press

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Ouen Press is an indie publisher seeking to establish a close working relationship with a small ensemble of gifted storytellers. etc...

Journey through Uncertainty & other short stories

P. Comley (editor), Emma Smith (contributor), John Frew (contributor), Sophia Jackson-Gill (contributor), S.R. McGlynn (contributor), Valerie Horton (contributor), Robbie Gilmore (contributor), Aviva Dale Martin (contributor).

Ouen Press

Journey through Uncertainty: a collection of thought-provoking & inspirational travel tales Our writers have journeyed all da etc...

The Soho Don

Michael Connor

Ouen Press

The Soho Don is the story of a shy south London boy from a respectable family who became a shadowy, but powerful figure in the So etc...

May All Your Names Be Forgotten

Michael Connor

Ouen Press

Smart, youthful, self-assured Danny - a seasoned ‘closer’ in the directory game - sets up his new company. Fast, easy-money from etc...

Last Call & other short stories

Edited by P Comley, Contributions from: Robert Hull, Claire Lawrence, Jane Connolly, Vanessa Horn, Myra King, Carol Fenlon, Gail Landon, Gabrielle Mullarkey, Juliet Robinson, Linda Tyler

Ouen Press

From Swiss mountain ranges to small-town Canada, across urban and rural landscapes, local and faraway. These stories - of fictiti etc...
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