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Better Negotiating

Jutta Portner


Do you still argue or start negotiating with family and friends? With business partners? Nearly every day, we’re called on to sol etc...


Dr. Marco Freiherr von Münchhausen


New Book by Bestselling Author Marco von Münchhausen How to Regain the Power of Concentration We are continuously distracted etc...

Everyone is A Star

Peter Ivanov


81% of employees are already working together with people daily that are not in the same location as they are. More and more peop etc...

How Would You Like It?

Astrid Braun-HöllerKatharina Pohl


Become the maître of your professional life Your professional life is like a box of chocolates – you never know exactly what etc...

Work - The World's Most Enjoyable Pastime

Markus Väth


The Rules of Play for Today’s Working World In today’s world, we no longer organise our work: our work organises us. A complex wo etc...

Limbeck Laws

Martin Limbeck


111 Rules (And Rules To Be Broken) For Anyone Who Sells In Limbeck Laws, best-selling author Martin Limbeck wastes no time in get etc...


Ilja Grzeskowitz

Many people have the desire to make something special out of their lifes. They are driven by the big dream to live a life with me etc...

Next Energy

Kristin Hengelage / Werner Brinker

Welcome to the Janssen family – in the late summer of 2050! This book breathes new life into the abstract goal of the energy revo etc...

The Boss Nobody Likes

Markus Jotzo

A good boss tries to achieve good results by ensuring a pleasant working environment in his department. An excellent boss keeps h etc...

Speech Pad

Patrick Nini


The future of presentation design: Speech Pad® In today's centres of education and training – be they universities, scho etc...


Michael Hartschen, Jiri Scherer, Chris Brügger


Let’s Make Things Easy Again There are few things more annoying and frustrating in work than dealing with a piece of complex mach etc...

What’s the Cost of Freedom?

Carsten K. Rath


In today’s brave new world of life and work, belief in dependence poses a fatal threat for many organisations. Any “bound” leader etc...

Digitalisation: Neither Here Nor There

Barbara Liebermeister


Digitalisation – why should you care? Countless factors are changing rapidly as a consequence of the digital age, and nowhere mor etc...

Madame Missou is in a good mood

Madame Missou


A coffee stain on a fresh blouse, a car that won’tstart, a stubbed toe – un jour catastrophique!But life is far too short to sit etc...

Madam Missou tidies up

Madame Missou


say goodbye to chaos! Is chaos beautiful? Or is a cluttered house the sign of acluttered mind? In any case, what is certain is th etc...
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