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Qualitative Research in Information Systems

Myers, Michael D.; Avison, David E.;

SAGE Publications

This book expertly brings together the seminal works in the field, together with editorial introductions to assist the reader in etc...

Vertis in usum

Cynthia Damon, John Dillery, Judith Evans Grubbs, Christopher A. Faraone, George P. Goold, Hays Gregory, D. E. Hill, David Kovacs, J. C. McKeown, David Mehl, John D. Mikalson, John F. Miller, Charles E. Murgia, K. Sara Myers, R. G. M. Nisbet, Dirk Obbink, Jay Reed, B. James Rives, Niall Rudd, Gareth Schmeling, Clay Jenny Strauss, Susan Treggiari, Michael Winterbottom, John F. Miller, Cynthia Damon, K. Sara Myers

De Gruyter

The series "Beiträge zur Altertumskunde" was founded in 1990. It mainly contains monographs and conference proceed etc...
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