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Kenny's Garage

Kenny Wallace

This book is an extension to your cars owner’s manual; it picks up where your owner’s manual leaves off. Kenny is donating 10% of etc...

What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity

Jason H. Vines

Isn’t it time that we are told the insider TRUTH regarding the intentional and unintentional cover-ups made by the big boys in “D etc...

Discovering the New York Craft Spirits Boom

Heather Dolland

All The Tastes of New York introduces us to the new movement, of “Farm to Glass” through new book, “Discovering the New York Craf etc...

Domestic Chic: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide for Cooking & Entertaining

Kristin Sollenne

Rising culinary star Chef Kristin Sollenne has been making headlines for her contemporary food philosophy, approachable cooking t etc...

Jimmy Hoffa Called My Mom A Bitch: Profiles in Stupidity

Jason H. Vines

The book is broken up into various chapters of stupidity: Stupid Democrats, Stupid Republicans, Stupid Atheists, Stupid Christian etc...

Leading 21st Century Schools

Harnessing Technology for Engagement and Achievement

Lynne Schrum and Barbara B. Levin

The pace of technological change picks up speed with each passing day. Educators must place the proper emphasis on technology lea etc...

Principles of Tropical Horticulture

David J Midmore

Principles of Tropical Horticulture leads the reader through a background of environmental influences and plant physiology to an etc...


Tim Cushing,Mike Masnick

Easily digestible tech insights.

Nick Summers,Roberto Baldwin,Jackie Dove,Owen Williams,Martin Bryant

International technology news.

Forming and Centering

Foundational Aspects of Architectural Design

ED: Kenneth M. Moffett

Nearly every work of architecture can be characterized by specific approaches to forming and centering. An awareness of these &qu etc...

Kelly Hodgkins,Richard Padilla,Juli Clover,Eric Slivka

Apple, Mac, and iOS news and rumors.

Real Story Group

Jarrod Gingras

Commentary on web content management and technology, digital marketing, portals, and media asset management.

Dave's Geeky Ideas

Dave's Geeky Ideas

Geeky ideas for future technologies.



TechSling is a technology blog that features exciting articles, tutorials and reviews on current mobile, gaming and computing iss etc...

Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect

Carlton Vogt,Dana Gardner

Analyst Dana Gardner examines IT news and trends that impact software strategists to provide insights and outcomes on SOA, app de etc...
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