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AbbeyLoo and Gus the Talking Toad

Tammy Cortez

Waldorf Publishing

AbbeyLoo is a curious little girl with a BIG imagination. This imagination takes AbbeyLoo to some very exciting and often unexpec etc...

Thank you, Madagascar

Alison Jolly

Zed Books Ltd

Madagascar is one of the world’s natural jewels, with over ninety per cent of its wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. Few peopl etc...

The world is full of enigmas › The Sankoré Scriptures

Joe Dramiga

ACI Information Group

The Sankoré Scriptures covers news and issues in neuroscience, genetics, evolution, science history, infectious diseases, ga etc...


Ed Rybicki

ACI Information Group

Virology-related and hopefully educational posts.

On Genetics

Steve Mount

ACI Information Group

Occasional comments on genetics, genomics and gene expression by Steve Mount.

Insights Into Veterinary Endocrinology

Mark E. Peterson

ACI Information Group

Blog about veterinary endocrinology, written for veterinary professionals.

Terroir – Soil, Weather and Climate in Winegrowing: How is Climate Important for the Vines?

Dieter Hoppmann | Manfred Stoll | Klaus Schaller

Eugen Ulmer Verlag

The consequences of climate change with rising temperatures mean that winegrowers are being forced to consider new adaptation str etc...

Technical Drawing in Garden Design

Daniel Nies

Eugen Ulmer Verlag

Even in this age of CAD and Photoshop, drawing skills are still important for communicating design and planning concepts. Find ou etc...

The History of the Agricultural Landscape

Peter Poschlod

Eugen Ulmer Verlag

Newest findings on the origins of the agricultural landscape Here, Peter Poschlod analyses and describes the mechanisms and proce etc...

Homeopathic Remedies for Cattle – A Quick Finder

Karin Schoenen-Schragmann

Eugen Ulmer Verlag

Which homeopathic remedy is the most suitable? Here, you can learn how to apply homeopathic remedies more successfully, and find etc...

Being Brains

Fernando Vidal, and Francisco Ortega

Fordham University Press

Being Brains offers a critical exploration of one of the most influential and pervasive contemporary beliefs: “We are our brains. etc...

Communicable Diseases

R Webber

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Completely updated and revised, and now published in its fifth edition with an integrated eBook, this prestigious and best-sellin etc...

Intellectual Property Issues in Biotechnology

H Badhur Singh, A Jha, C Kewsani

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

This book integrates a science and business approach to provide an introduction and an insider view of intellectual property issu etc...
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