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L’embryon et son âme dans les sources grecques (VIe s. av. J.-C.-Ve s. apr. J.-C.)


Summertime Publications Inc

Comment l’âme vient-elle à l’embryon? Quel rapport le corps entretient-il avec son âme? Cet ouvrage explore les th etc...

What Is God?

Horner, Christine

In The Garden Publishing

Thousands of years into human history, though we’ve advanced technologically as a species, very little has been resolve etc...

Jenny Leonard,Pat Bailey,Ker Than,Brad Buck,David Salisbury

ACI Information Group

Research news from top universities.

The Man Who Tasted Shapes

Cytowic, Richard, A01

Imprint Academic

The ten people in one million who are synaesthetes are born into a world where one sensation (e.g. sound) conjures up one or more etc...

The Universe Explained to My Grandchildren

Hubert Reeves

Salammbo Press

“Grandpa, how big is the universe? How far are the stars? How can we tell the sun’s age? Are we stardust? What is thunder? Is the etc...

How to Be Brilliant at Science Investigations

Colin Hughes

Brilliant Publications

How to be Brilliant at Science Investigations contains 40 reproducible worksheets with activities, to help Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupi etc...

Practising Safe Hypnosis

Roger Hambleton

This unique book comprehensively explores the damage that can be caused by the misapplication of hypnotic techniques in therapy, etc...


Phillipe Aigrain

Amsterdam University Press

In the past fifteen years, file sharing of digital cultural works between individuals has been at the center of a number of debat etc...

Why the Mind is Not a Computer

Tallis, Raymond, A01

Imprint Academic

The equation "Mind = Machine" is false. This pocket lexicon of "neuromythology" shows why. Ta etc...

Erasmus Darwin

Desmond King-Hele

It has been said of Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) that no one from his day to ours has ever rivalled him in his achievements in such etc...

A Brief History of Bad Medicine

Robert Youngson and Ian Schott

A doctor removes the normal, healthy side of a patient's brain instead of the malignant tumor. A man whose leg is scheduled f etc...

25 Things You Need to Know About the Future

Christopher Barnatt

How will we live in the future? And what will the human race become? Will we nurture designer babies, be served by intelligent ro etc...

STEM Project-Based Learning

Robert M. Capraro, Mary Margaret Capraro, Jim Morgan

Sense Publishers

This second edition of Project-Based Learning (PBL) presents an original approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathema etc...

De sublieme eenvoud van relativiteit

Sander Bais

Amsterdam University Press

Bais wrote a cute pictorial monograph that smoothly takes you to the very heart of the theory that shook the foundations of scien etc...

71 Electrical & Electronic Porjects (with CD)

Nikhil Shukla

V&S Publishers

This book is ideal for high school & engineering students as well as hobbyists who have just started out building projects in etc...
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