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L’embryon et son âme dans les sources grecques (VIe s. av. J.-C.-Ve s. apr. J.-C.)


Summertime Publications Inc

Comment l’âme vient-elle à l’embryon? Quel rapport le corps entretient-il avec son âme? Cet ouvrage explore les th etc...

What Is God?

Horner, Christine

In The Garden Publishing

Thousands of years into human history, though we’ve advanced technologically as a species, very little has been resolve etc...

AbbeyLoo and Gus the Talking Toad

Tammy Cortez

Waldorf Publishing

AbbeyLoo is a curious little girl with a BIG imagination. This imagination takes AbbeyLoo to some very exciting and often unexpec etc...

Jenny Leonard,Pat Bailey,Ker Than,Brad Buck,David Salisbury

ACI Information Group

Research news from top universities.

On Genetics

Steve Mount

ACI Information Group

Occasional comments on genetics, genomics and gene expression by Steve Mount.

The world is full of enigmas › The Sankoré Scriptures

Joe Dramiga

ACI Information Group

The Sankoré Scriptures covers news and issues in neuroscience, genetics, evolution, science history, infectious diseases, ga etc...


Ed Rybicki

ACI Information Group

Virology-related and hopefully educational posts.

In Silico Drug Discovery and Design

Markus A Lill

Future Science Group

Computational methods have now evolved into sophisticated tools that are routinely used in industry and academia to develop and d etc...

An Introduction to Green Chemistry Methods

Rafael Luque, Juan Carlos Colmenares

Future Science Group

This overview of the most important and relevant topics in green chemical methodologies is organized into eleven concise chapters etc...

Advances in Collating and Using Trial Data

Sylvie Chevret, Matthieu Resche-Rigon

Future Science Group

Clinical trials remain a cornerstone in the development of medical guidelines and in health policy decision-making. Data provide etc...

Important considerations for clinical trial methodologies

Vance W Berger, Xiao (Cathy) Zhang

Future Science Group

This compilation of nine chapters provides an expert overview of methodology and design in clinical trials and addresses the chal etc...

Recent progress and new developments in post-combustion carbon-capture technology with reactive solvents

Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul, Raphael Idem

Future Science Group

Globally, the capture of CO2 from industrial flue gases has become a critical environmental issue; therefore, the need for R& etc...

Forensic drug analysis

Olaf Drummer, Dimitri Gerostamoulos

Future Science Group

Forensic drug testing brings together multiple related disciplines toward the detection and identification of drugs and poisons, etc...

Molecular Imaging Techniques: New Frontiers

Florence Gazeau

Future Science Group

The principal objective of molecular imaging in the context of more individualized approaches in medicine is to develop efficient etc...

Nucleic Acid-Based Drugs

Jonathan P Wong

Future Science Group

There is renewed optimism regarding the future of clinical development of nucleic acid-based drugs. This ninechapter overview add etc...
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