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My Father The Godfather

Daryl Brown

Waldorf Publishing

“My Father The Godfather” is a history changing book, but most importantly Daryl Brown will set the record straight about his dad etc...

365 Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm

William Murell

Waldorf Publishing

“365 Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm - Wisdom & Wit by William” are thoughts, expressions, sayings, and humor that William has sh etc...

Discovering the New York Craft Spirits Boom

Heather Dolland

Waldorf Publishing

All The Tastes of New York introduces us to the new movement, of “Farm to Glass” through new book, “Discovering the New York Craf etc...

Keep A Knockin’

Charles Connor

Waldorf Publishing

This book is loaded with untold stories about drummer Charles Connor and his road into Rock 'n' Roll history. Playing wit etc...

Music Soothes the Soul

Matthew Bernstein

Waldorf Publishing

“Music Soothes the Soul” features engaging stories from seventy musicians, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who show how mus etc...

Domestic Chic: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide for Cooking & Entertaining

Kristin Sollenne

Waldorf Publishing

Rising culinary star Chef Kristin Sollenne has been making headlines for her contemporary food philosophy, approachable cooking t etc...

Taxi Hand Signs

Susan Woolf

ada enup cc

There is a unique, beautiful and practical art book, travel companion and memento that tourists to South Africa and South African etc...

Postcards From a Rock and Roll Tour

Gordy Marshall

Splendid Books Limited

Postcards From a Rock & Roll Tour is drummer Gordy Marshall's witty and wry take on life on the road touring with leg etc...

Walk, Don't Run

Steven Jae Johnson

Kallisti Publishing

“An epic story of show-biz dreams.”—Mike Foley “It’s this generation’s American Graffiti — it’s Happy Days slammed into Resurrect etc...

The South African Music Business

Jonathan Shaw

ada enup cc

The South African Music Business 2nd Edition is an indispensable guide for everyone working in or wanting to get into the South A etc...

The Diego Masciaga Way

Chris Parker

Urbane Publications Limited

Diego Masciaga is a legend in the restuarant and hospitality business, having been the Director and Restaurant Manager for the Wa etc...

Incentives for Countryside Management

Edited by Martin Whitby

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

During the last decade European agriculture has been dominated by the issues of overproduction and environmental degradation. Aga etc...

Biological Indicators of Soil Health

Edited by C Pankhurst, B Doube, V Gupta

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Maintaining soil health is fundamental to successful crop production and ecosystem sustainability. To enable effective management etc...

Conserving Soil Resources

Edited by R J Rickson

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Environmental degradation in Europe is attracting increasing concern, especially from farmers, scientists and policy makers. This etc...

Feeding and Greening the World

Derek E Tribe

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Will over-population, global poverty, widespread hunger and environmental degradation lead to the collapse of human civilization? etc...
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