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Accelerating Profitability

Alan K. Lund

Waldorf Publishing

A hands-on, participation-based book from Alan Lund, provides a road map to revive, accelerate and win at achieving profitability etc...

Transparency in Financial Reporting

Ruth Ann McEwen

Harriman House

By January 2012 all major economies, apart from the US, will provide financial reports using International Financial Reporting St etc...

Company Valuation Under IFRS

Kenneth Lee

Harriman House

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are now mandatory in Europe and are being adopted by other countries, includin etc...

Company Valuation Under IFRS

Kenneth Lee

Harriman House

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are now mandatory in many parts of the world, including Europe, Australia and etc...

Accounts Made Simple

Robert Leach

Harriman House

'Accounts Made Simple' looks at companies' accounts from the perspective of the investor.Each chapter looks at a diff etc...

Finance and accounting for business

Bob Ryan, Nicholas Collett

Manchester University Press

This is a self-contained treatment of all the of the accounting and finance needed for students to be able to work effectively at etc...

Corporate Finance

Vishwanath, S R

SAGE Publications

This—revised and enhanced—book examines the role of finance in supporting other functional areas while fostering an understanding etc...

Corporate Financial Reporting

Higson, Andrew W

SAGE Publications

Corporate Financial Reporting critically examines contemporary corporate financial reporting. The complexity of the reporting pro etc...

An Introduction to Modern Financial Reporting Theory

Rutherford, Brian A

SAGE Publications

This book explains the content of the Accounting `Standards Board's new Statement of Principles for Financial Reporting' etc...

Public Finance Administration

Reed, B. J.; Swain, John W.;

SAGE Publications

This book is unique in its exclusive and comprehensive focus on the management of public funds. The book emphasizes defining term etc...

Performance Measurement and Management

Smith, Malcolm

SAGE Publications

Management accountancy has a dynamic role to play in the competitive strategy of modern global businesses. This book sets out key etc...

Management Accounting

Coombs, Hugh; Jenkins, D Ellis; Hobbs, David

SAGE Publications

This book adopts a new and accessible approach to helping readers understand how management accounting contributes to decisions i etc...

A Hundred Small Steps

Government of India, Planning Commission

SAGE Publications

While previous reports have focused solely on the 'big' issues like capital account convertibility, bank privatization, a etc...

Insurance in India

Palande, P S, Dr; Shah, R S; Lunawat, M L

SAGE Publications

Following the reforms in the banking sector and the stock markets in India, the end of 1999 also saw the opening up of the insura etc...

Progressive Fiscal Policy in India

Jha, Praveen K

SAGE Publications

Progressive Fiscal Policy in India locates the prevailing fiscal policy in the overall macroeconomic policy regime of the nation. etc...
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