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The Future of Finance

Adair Turner

London Publishing Partnership

In the aftermath of the financial crash of 2008‐9 much has been written about reforming the world financial system. But it is rar etc...

Data Modeling for the Business

Steve Hoberman, Donna Burbank, Chris Bradley

Technics Publications

Learn about the High-Level Data Model and master the techniques for building one, including a comprehensive ten-step approach and etc...

Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

We are in an age where the battle to get your customers’ attention is fierce and advertising options are becoming more expensive etc...

How Work Gets Done

Artie Mahal

Technics Publications

Hear the author, Artie Mahal, talk about his book. Rediscover how your organization works and where it can be improved by using s etc...

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips is comprised of 129 tips. Each tip is based on David R. Portney’s real-world experience doing l etc...

129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

Public speaking and seminars remain as the perfect marketing and advertising solution to promote any business, service, product, etc...

Awakening Leadership

Horner, Christine

In The Garden Publishing

Human advancement requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era o etc...

Business unIntelligence

Dr. Barry Devlin

Technics Publications

Business intelligence (BI) used to be so simple - in theory anyway. Integrate and copy data from your transactional systems into etc...

Data Modeling for MongoDB

Steve Hoberman

Technics Publications

Learn how to capture and precisely document business requirements to create an efficient MongoDB design. Watch Steve Hoberman tal etc...

The New Oil

Arent van 't Spijker

Technics Publications

How can you leverage the value of your company's data? Well over a century ago oil drove the development of innovations such etc...

The Unprincipled

David Croydon

Hilltop Publishing Ltd

Building a business from start-up to sell-out. When I started, or at least co-founded, a small sales promotion agency called Mark etc...

The Audacity to Spy

Catherine Nolan and Ashley M. Wilson, JD

Technics Publications

Ever get the feeling you're being watched? The thieves that steal identities are using cutting-edge, high-tech tools that can etc...

The Diego Masciaga Way

Chris Parker

Urbane Publications Limited

Diego Masciaga is a legend in the restuarant and hospitality business, having been the Director and Restaurant Manager for the Wa etc...

You & the Law in Spain (2015 Edition)

David Searl

Ediciones Santana, S.L.

With this information-packed new edition You & the Law in Spain celebrates some thirty years of helping foreigners navigate t etc...

Housing: Where's the Plan?

Kate Barker

London Publishing Partnership

Housing is a fundamental necessity, and yet we have a ‘housing crisis’ in the UK. The housing market has worked well for many peo etc...
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