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Sorbonne Confidential

Laurel Zuckerman

Summertime Publications Inc

After losing her high tech job in Paris, Alice Wunderland dreams of a new, unemployment-proof career as English teacher and decid etc...

How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More:

Tom Morrison

Waldorf Publishing

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting on life to happen to you? Waiting on enough spare time to start enjoying life? Waiting on en etc...

The Multiplier Effect

Lois Allen, Elise Foster, and Liz Wiseman

SAGE Publications

Why are some leaders able to double their team’s effectiveness, while others seem to drain the energy right out of the room? In t etc...

Learning Teaching

Pete Boyd, Barry Hymer, Karen Lockney

Critical Publishing

An essential and aspirational text for all beginning teachers, with a clear focus on learning in order to support you becoming an etc...

Observing Children and Families

Gill Butler

Critical Publishing

This book explains the unique insights that child observation can bring to practice with children and families and helps the read etc...

Theories of Professional Learning

Carey Philpott

Critical Publishing

An essential guide to important theories of professional learning for teacher educators, of particular value to those taking on n etc...

Your Primary School-based Experience

Catriona Robinson, Branwen Bingle, Colin Howard

Critical Publishing

An essential companion for all primary trainee teachers, whatever their training route,focusing on the school-based experience. I etc...

Visible Learning for Teachers

John Hattie

Taylor and Francis

In November 2008, John Hattie's ground-breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of more thanfifteen years resea etc...

Reinventing the University

Kathryn Mohrman

Glasnevin Publishing

“Business as usual" is no longer a viable way of running a 21st Century university. The impact of globalization, the growing etc...


Graham, Gordon, A01

Imprint Academic

Research assessment exercises, teaching quality assessment, line management, staff appraisal, student course evaluation, modulari etc...

How Universities Can Help Create a Wiser World

Maxwell, Nicholas, A01

Imprint Academic

In order to make progress towards a better world we need to learn how to do it. And for that we need institutions of learning rat etc...

On Being a Scientist

Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine

National Academies Press

The scientific research enterprise is built on a foundation of trust. Scientists trust that the results reported by others are va etc...

Reaching Students

Nancy Kober; Board on Science Education; Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education; National Research Council

National Academies Press

The undergraduate years are a turning point in producing scientifically literate citizens and future scientists and engineers. Ev etc...

Teacher Supply, Demand, and Quality

Erling E. Boe and Dorothy M. Gilford, Editors; Committee on National Statistics, National Research Council

National Academies Press

This book examines policy issues, projection models, and data bases pertaining to the supply of, demand for, and quality of teach etc...

Preparing for the Workplace

Janet S. Hansen, Editor; Committee on Postsecondary Education and Training for the Workplace, National Research Council

National Academies Press

Job training has taken a central place among strategies to boost U.S. competitiveness in the world and ensure a high standard of etc...
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