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I Blame Morrissey

Jamie Jones

Live It Publishing

You wouldn't let song lyrics rule your life would you? You wouldn't become so infatuated with a pop star that you would u etc...

The Road to Southend Pier

Ross Clark

Harriman House

A chance encounter with a talking lamp-post got Ross Clark thinking: is there any escape from Britain's growing surveillance etc...


Phillipe Aigrain

Amsterdam University Press

In the past fifteen years, file sharing of digital cultural works between individuals has been at the center of a number of debat etc...

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style

Josh Sims

Laurence King Publishing Ltd

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style is a look-by-look dissection of the key ideas that changed the way we dress – from the middle etc...

Players' work time

Martin Cloonan, John Callan Williamson

Manchester University Press

This book examines the working lives of musicians over the past 120 years via the history of the Musicians' Union. The union etc...

Using Visual Data in Qualitative Research

Banks, Marcus

SAGE Publications

Examining the wide range of uses of visual images in qualitative research, Using Visual Data in Qualitative Research incorporates etc...

Barbie Culture

Rogers, Mary F.

SAGE Publications

This book uses one of the most popular accessories of girlhood, the Barbie doll, to explain key aspects of cultural meaning.

The Handbook of Visual Analysis

Leeuwen, Theo Van; Jewitt, Carey;

SAGE Publications

The Handbook of Visual Analysis is a rich methodological resource for students, academics, researchers and professionals interest etc...

The Production of Culture

Crane, Diana

SAGE Publications

The phrase `production of culture' is concerned with how the organizations in which culture is produced and disseminated affe etc...

Rock Formation

Jones, Steve

SAGE Publications

In this introduction to the subject of popular music, the author examines the history and influence of recording technology on po etc...

Cultural Criticism

Berger, Arthur A. (Asa)

SAGE Publications

In this guide to cultural criticism, Arthur Asa Berger presents complex concepts in jargon-free language, making the book an idea etc...

Doing Research in Cultural Studies

Saukko, Paula

SAGE Publications

`This book is a goldmine for students…it is brilliantly conceptualized and brilliantly executed. With this book cultu etc...

Visual Methodologies

Rose, Gillian

SAGE Publications

A thoroughly updated and fully revised new edition of the most important textbook on visual methodologies for students and resear etc...

Visual Culture Studies

Smith, Marquard

SAGE Publications

Visual Culture Studies presents 13 engaging and detailed interviews with some of the most influential intellectuals working today etc...

The Culture of Design

Julier, Guy

SAGE Publications

Praise for the first edition: `Julier provides an important contemporary account of how design disciplines act and interact in th etc...
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