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Being Verses Becoming

Paresh M Jivanji

Live It Publishing

Being Versus Becoming presents the timeless wisdom of the Vedanta philosophy, which has its roots in the ancient teachings of San etc...

Philosophy and Living

Blumenau, Ralph, A01

Imprint Academic

Philosophy can be very abstract and apparently remote from our everyday concerns. In this book the author brings out for the non- etc...

Paradigm Shift

Martin Cohen

Imprint Academic

This book offers vital clues for understanding not only the way knowledge develops, but also into the dangers of accepting too re etc...

Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance

Haim Shapira

Watkins Media

This book has already reached bestseller status in Israel having sold over 60,000 copies - it has been translated into 6 language etc...

God Debate

Gerald Benedict

Watkins Media

As believers and atheists passionately debate their differences, the rest of us are left wondering on which side of the fence the etc...
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