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Another Man's Shoes

Sven Somme

Polperro Heritage Press

Another Man's Shoes is a gripping first-hand account of a Norwegian scientist's escape from German custody during the Sec etc...

From That Flame

MaryAnn T. Beverly

Kallisti Publishing

FROM THAT FLAME follows journalist Michelle Garrett as she interviews the legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud – the “Lion of P etc...

Sorbonne Confidential

Laurel Zuckerman

Summertime Publications Inc

After losing her high tech job in Paris, Alice Wunderland dreams of a new, unemployment-proof career as English teacher and decid etc...

L’embryon et son âme dans les sources grecques (VIe s. av. J.-C.-Ve s. apr. J.-C.)


Summertime Publications Inc

Comment l’âme vient-elle à l’embryon? Quel rapport le corps entretient-il avec son âme? Cet ouvrage explore les th etc...

Jimmy Hoffa Called My Mom A Bitch: Profiles in Stupidity

Jason H. Vines

Waldorf Publishing

The book is broken up into various chapters of stupidity: Stupid Democrats, Stupid Republicans, Stupid Atheists, Stupid Christian etc...

AmaZizi: the Dlamini of Southern Africa 2nd Ed

Jongisilo Z. Z. Pokwana Ka Menziwa, Ngangomzi Pokwana Ah! Jongumhlaba

ada enup cc

The Dlamini people are a stock race that, during the 19th century, spread throughout the then largely uninhabited Southern Africa etc...

Environmental and Social Justice in the City

Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud and Richard Rodger (eds)

The White Horse Press

The world is full of environmental injustices and inequalities, yet few European historians have tackled these subjects head on; etc...

Tyne after Tyne

Leona J. Skelton

The White Horse Press

Over the last five centuries, North-East England’s River Tyne went largely with the flow as it rode with us on a rollercoaster fr etc...

Once Upon a Time in the Sixties

Maddick, Peter

Bookline & Thinker

If you remember the Sixties, then you weren't there'. Well Peter Maddick was there and he remembers most of it - the King etc...

Girl Trouble

Carol Dyhouse

Zed Books Ltd

Girls behave badly. If they're not obscenity-shouting, pint-swigging ladettes, they're narcissistic, living dolls floatin etc...

In Search of the Village Distilleries of Maramures

Ian Macilwain

Broombank Publishing

This photographic portrait of the Village fruit brandy distilleries of the remote inaccessible northernmost province of Romania h etc...

A Century of Subways

Brian J. Cudahy

Fordham University Press

"I declare the subway open", said Mayor George B. McClelland on 27th October, 1904. New York was moving uptown and ever etc...

The Great Coalfied War

George McGovern

University Press of Colorado

"A definitive study of the Ludlow massacre and events leading up to it. This story has much drama and struggle, and it holds etc...

Tribal Government Today

James J Lopach , Margery Hunter Brown , Richmond L Clow

University Press of Colorado

An account of Fourth World peoples within a First World nation, TRIBAL GOVERNMENT TODAY is a critical analysis of the contemporar etc...

The San Luis Valley

Virginia McConnell Simmons

University Press of Colorado

In this sparkling new edition of The San Luis Valley: Land of the Six-Armed Cross, Virginia McConnell Simmons lays before the rea etc...
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