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A Greater Love

Olga Watkins

Splendid Books Limited

The true story of a woman's incredible journey into the heart of the Third Reich to find the man she loves. When the Gestapo etc...

WWII Voices

Hilary Kaiser

Summertime Publications Inc

These oral histories give voice to both American veterans who chose to reside in France after World War II and to French women wh etc...

From Imperial Myth to Democracy

Lawrence W Beer , John M Maki

University Press of Colorado

While English-language studies of Japanese law have enjoyed remarkable growth in the past half-century, scholars have given only etc...

Wives, Mothers, and the Red Menace

Mary Brennan

University Press of Colorado

Mary Brennan examines conservative women's anti-communist activism in the years immediately after World War II. She describes etc...

The Archaeology of Class War

Karin Larkin (Editor) , Randall H. McGuire (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

The Archaeology of the Colorado Coalfield War Project has conducted archaeological investigations at the site of the Ludlow Massa etc...

Americans View Their Dust Bowl Experience

Frances W Kaye

University Press of Colorado

Ideal for courses in American history, this book gathers first-person accounts of the trauma of the Thirties in the Heartland and etc...

Wayne Aspinall and the Shaping of the American West

Steven C Schulte

University Press of Colorado

Steven C Schulte details a political career that encompassed some of the most crucial years in the development of the twentieth-c etc...


Bill Hosokawa

University Press of Colorado

Hailed at the time of its publication in 1969, Bill Hosokawa's 'Nisei' remains an inspiring account of the original J etc...

Industrializing the Rockies

David A Wolff

University Press of Colorado

The two defining moments of Western coalfield labour relations have been massacres: Wyoming's Rock Springs Massacre of 1885 a etc...

Hell Unlimited

Joanne Maria McNally


In short, incisive scenes this novella explores the role of theatre, film, dreams and nightmares in and beyond life in a situatio etc...

Y Cymry A'u Helyntion Yn Virginia

Eirug Davies

Gomer Press

Virginia oedd y gyntaf o?r trefedigaethau Prydeinig a sefydlwyd yn y Byd Newydd, a bu Cymry yno o?r dyddiau cynharaf, bron. Yn wi etc...

Tynged Yr Iaith

Saunders Lewis

Gomer Press

A book which includes a copy of Sanders Lewis's famous radio broadcast, entitled 'The Fate of the Language', which ha etc...

Five Days That Shocked the World

Nicholas Best

Andrew Lownie Associates

This is the story of five momentous days at the end of the war, from the execution of Mussolini and the surrender in Italy to the etc...

A Poem of Remote Lives

Michael W. Russell

Neil Wilson Publishing

Dying in poverty in a Dumfries nursing home in 1988, Werner Kissling left behind a single suitcase. It was filled with personal p etc...

To the Edge of the Sky

Anhua Gao

Andrew Lownie Associates

Anhua Gao's parents were hailed as revolutionary heroes. In her early years she knew love and support and grew up in a privil etc...
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