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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

The First Complete, Unexpurgated Text

Edited and with a new introduction by Harold Holzer

The seven debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas held during the Illinois senatorial race of 1858 are among the most etc...

Emma Spaulding Bryant

Civil War Bride, Carpetbagger's Wife, Ardent Feminist: Letters 1860–1900

Edited by Ruth Douglas Currie

Emma Spaulding left behind rural Maine for a life in Georgia as the wife of radical Republican carpetbagger John Emory Bryant. Em etc...

The Civil War Confiscation Acts

Failing to Reconstruct the South

John Syrett

This book is the first full account in more than 20 years of two significant, but relatively understudied, laws passed during the etc...

Freedom, Union, and Power

Lincoln and His Party in the Civil War

Michael Green

Freedom, Union, and Power analyzes the beliefs of the Republican Party during the Civil War, how those beliefs changed, and what etc...

In Search of York

The Slave Who Went to the Pacific With Lewis & Clark: Revised Edition

Robert B Betts

The sole African American member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, William Clark's enigmatic body servant York has inspired etc...

From Yorktown to Valmy

The Transformation of the French Army in an Age of Revolution

Samuel F Scott

Based on exhaustive research in archives in the United States and France, this book provides detailed study of some sixty-five hu etc...

Mapping Identity

The Creation of the Coeur D'alene Indian Reservation, 1805-1902

Laura Woodwork-Ney

This book traces the formation of the Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation in northern Idaho from the introduction of the Jesuit etc...

Hell Or High Water

James White's Disputed Passage through Grand Canyon, 1867

Eilean Adams

WINNER OF THE 2001 Evans Handcart Award Although John Wesley Powell and party are usually given credit for the first river descen etc...

Industrializing the Rockies

Growth, Competition, and Turmoil in the Coalfields of Colorado & Wyoming

David A Wolff

The two defining moments of Western coalfield labour relations have been massacres: Wyoming's Rock Springs Massacre of 1885 a etc...

Zulu Rising

The Epic Story of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift

Ian Knight

The battle of iSandlwana was the single most destructive incident in the 150-year history of the British colonization of South Af etc...

From Redstone to Ludlow

John Cleveland Osgood's Struggle Against the United Mine Workers of America

F. Darrell Munsell

The most comprehensive study of John Cleveland Osgood to date, From Redstone to Ludlowcovers events from 1892, when Osgood and hi etc...

Y Cymry A'u Helyntion Yn Virginia

O'r Dyddiau Cynharaf Hyd Ddiwedd Y Rhyfel Cartref

Eirug Davies

Virginia oedd y gyntaf o?r trefedigaethau Prydeinig a sefydlwyd yn y Byd Newydd, a bu Cymry yno o?r dyddiau cynharaf, bron. Yn wi etc...

The Garden Cottage Diaries

My Year in the Eighteenth Century

Fiona J. Houston

Challenged to prove her claim that an 18th-century diet was better than today's, for a full year Fiona J Houston recreated th etc...

Dr William Price

Dean Powell

The amazing story of one of Wales's true pioneers and one of her most colourful characters. He was a surgeon, archdruid, camp etc...

Flint Architecture of East Anglia

Stephen Hart

East Anglia has a unique and very substantial heritage of flint-built churches and secular buildings over a wide area that range etc...
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