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A Greater Love

Olga Watkins

The true story of a woman's incredible journey into the heart of the Third Reich to find the man she loves. When the Gestapo etc...

A Pact with Vichy

Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration

Emanuel Rota

Angelo Tasca, a pivotal figure in 20th-century Italian political history, and indeed European history, is frequently overshadowed etc...

City of Fortune

How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire

Roger Crowley

A magisterial work of gripping history, City of Fortune tells the story of the Venetian ascent from lagoon dwellers to the greate etc...

Fighting Fascism in Europe

The World War II Letters of an American Veteran of the Spanish Civil War

Lawrence Cane

On his first day in basic training in 1942, Lawrence Cane wrote to his wife Grace from Fort Dix, New Jersey. "I'm in the etc...

Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free

Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman and POW

Alexander Jefferson, with Lewis H. Carlson

This book is a rare and important gift. One of the few memoirs of combat in World War II by a distinguished African-American flie etc...

Medieval Education

Edited by Ronald B. Begley, and Joseph W. Koterski, S.J.

This volume offers original studies on the subject of medieval education, not only in the formal academic sense typical of school etc...

Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf

Llywelyn the Last Prince

Aeres Twigg

A bilingual, fully illustrated booklet comprising interesting information about the life of Llywelyn the Last Prince of Wales; fo etc...

A New History of Wales

William Shakespeare

A Welsh-language adaptation of the Shakespearian comedy Twelfth Night. The original play is believed to have been written around etc...

Five Days That Shocked the World

Eyewitness Accounts from Europe at the End of World War Ii

Nicholas Best

This is the story of five momentous days at the end of the war, from the execution of Mussolini and the surrender in Italy to the etc...

A Poem of Remote Lives

The Enigma of Werner Kissling 1895-1988 : Images of Eriskay 1934

Michael W. Russell

Dying in poverty in a Dumfries nursing home in 1988, Werner Kissling left behind a single suitcase. It was filled with personal p etc...

The Garden Cottage Diaries

My Year in the Eighteenth Century

Fiona J. Houston

Challenged to prove her claim that an 18th-century diet was better than today's, for a full year Fiona J Houston recreated th etc...

Union of Crowns

The Forging of Europe's Most Independent State

Crawford. Little

Today, when many are asking if it's time to end the 400-year-old union and look increasingly to a united Europe, this books p etc...

My Mother Wore a Yellow Dress

Christina. McKenna

'I learned about conflict from my parents.' So begins Christina McKenna's haunting memoir of her lonely early life. R etc...

Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles

Nigel G. Tranter

Nigel Tranter's gift for bringing Scottish history to life is demonstrated in this lively book which details 45 of the nation etc...

Scottish Historical Documents.

Gordon Donaldson

This is a facsimile reprint of Professor Gordon Donaldson's most essential research book. It contains important historical do etc...
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