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Slumming It

Fabian Frenzel

Zed Books Ltd

Have slums become 'cool'? More and more tourists from across the globe seem to think so as they discover favelas, ghettos etc...

Change Everything

Christian Felber

Zed Books Ltd

Is it possible to imagine businesses whose bottom line is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, democracy an etc...

Reclaiming Development

Ha-Joon Chang and Ilene Grabel

Zed Books Ltd

There is no alternative to neoliberal economics - or so it appeared when Reclaiming Development was published in 2004. Many of th etc...


Paul White

Zed Books Ltd

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is infamous for its violence. The struggle it has waged for Kurdish independence in southeaste etc...

South Sudan: A Slow Liberation

Edward Thomas

Zed Books Ltd

In 2011, South Sudan became an independent country. Its long liberation struggle was an attempt to right the wrongs of brutal col etc...

Clothing Poverty

Andrew Brooks

Zed Books Ltd

Have you ever stopped and wondered where your jeans came from? Who made them and where? Ever wondered where they end up after you etc...

Spaces of Aid

Lisa Smirl

Zed Books Ltd

Aid workers commonly bemoan that the spaces and experiences of working in 'the field' often sit uneasily with the goals t etc...

Breathing Space

Mark Everard

Zed Books Ltd

In this book Mark Everard argues that governments and citizens too often take the air we breathe for granted. Air and the wider a etc...

Capitalism in the Age of Globalization

Samir Amin

Zed Books Ltd

Samir Amin remains one of the world's most influential thinkers about the changing nature of North-South relations in the dev etc...

How Numbers Rule the World

Lorenzo Fioramonti

Zed Books Ltd

Numbers dominate global politics and, as a result, our everyday lives. Credit ratings steer financial markets and can make or bre etc...

An American Provence

Thomas P Huber

University Press of Colorado

In this poetic personal narrative, Thomas P Huber reflects on two seemingly unrelated places -- the North Fork Valley in western etc...

Conflict Resolution

Susan Stewart (Author)

Waterside Press Ltd

Conflict Resolution will be of interest to people who deal with disputes - of whatever kind - including through mediation and alt etc...

Children, Citizenship, and Environment

Bronwyn Hayward

Taylor and Francis

Children growing up today are confronted by four difficult and intersecting challenges: dangerous environmental change, weakening etc...

The Hidden Life of Renaissance Art

Clare Gibson


The art of the Renaissance is teeming with hidden life that is often only visible to the initiated. Are you privy to its secrets? etc...

The Power of Metaphor

Michael Berman

Packed with original stories and visualisations, this is a must-buy resource for teachers, trainers and therapists who are lookin etc...
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