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Death in Little Venice

Leo McNeir

A winter’s afternoon on a deserted stretch of canal in Regent’s park, and the discovery of a body under the ‘blow-up’ bridge, the etc...

Devil in the Detail

Leo McNeir

It was going to be a long hot summer … And it all started so well for Marnie Walker at her beautiful canalside home, with a growi etc...

The Eden Paradox

Barry Kirwan

A murder... a new planet mankind desperately needs... a thousand-year old conspiracy... What really awaits us on Eden? In a world etc...

Eden's Trial

Barry Kirwan

First contact did not go well. Survivors are fleeing Earth, into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Can etc...

Eden's Revenge

Barry Kirwan

After eighteen years, the quarantine that has protected humanity's survivors on the planet Esperia is about to end. Mankind w etc...

Shadow Self

Paula Marais

No mother is perfect... In jail I have a lot of time to think, and I don't always have control over where my mind wanders. A etc...

Getaway with Murder

Leo McNeir

Marnie Walker is an interior designer with a passion for boats, in particular her sister’s boat Sally Ann, that she borrowed a ye etc...

Kiss and Tell

Leo McNeir

Marnie Walker has a successful and growing business, a home in idyllic surroundings and a boat on the Grand Union Canal, sharing etc...

No Secrets

Leo McNeir

For Marnie Walker it began as nothing more than a business deal, but a sudden death changes everything. Gradually, and against he etc...

Sally Ann's Summer

Leo McNeir

Here is where the story begins. For Marnie Walker life was far from perfect. With a failed marriage behind her and no satisfactor etc...

Smoke and Mirrors

Leo McNeir

It began as a simple process, the relocation of an ancient burial into the village churchyard. An injustice was being righted aft etc...


Leo McNeir

A bleak mid-winter has settled over the land, bringing hardship to the quiet canalside community of Knightly St John. It also bri etc...

Stick in the Mud

Leo McNeir

For Marnie Walker the Docklands development should have been the most valuable project of her career so far, potentially bringing etc...

The Eye of Allah

Colin Louis

Two men from diverse cultures are destined to search for the enigma that surrounds ‘The Eye of Allah’. Thomas de Lacey, an extras etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Morphine Gambit

Jason Cooke

It is February, 1912 and Sherlock Holmes is called out of retirement by brother Mycroft, acting on behalf of the British Governme etc...
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